Travelling for work, whether you’re a career girl heading to client meetings or a blogger attending a conference, can be very stressful. There’s none of the fun of jetting off on holiday, but all the stress of airports, hotel booking and navigating somewhere new. Here are some top tips for making business trips easier. 
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Travel Packing
If you’re going to be flying for your work trip, try to pack into just a carry on bag. If you don’t have any luggage that needs to go in the hold, you can save a lot of time by not having to check it in and not having to hang around at the baggage carousel when you land. Instead, just get off the plane and set off. 

If you travel a lot for work, you could keep a bag of essentials pre-packed. Buy a set of travel toiletries and a spare toothbrush and keep a wash bag packed that you can just throw into your suitcase and not wonder if you’ve forgotten anything. You could also keep packed some things you’ll know you’ll need, like a spare phone charger, business cards or stationery. 

Pack shirts in plastic garment bags to stop them from getting wrinkled in your case. Remember to pack casual clothes for the evenings too! Leave your electronics and liquids easily accessible to make the security queue faster to get through. 

The Hotel
Booking a hotel for work means you’re probably looking for different things than if you were booking a hotel for a holiday. Many chain hotels offer loyalty schemes that are very useful for frequent business travellers. Look for hotels with offers that suit you, whether that’s better prices or faster WiFi. Look for somewhere used to business travellers, like Dorsett Hotel, Sheperds Bush

Check hotel amenities. If you’re there for work, it’s important that you have access to good WiFi. While WiFi is a standard in hotels now, it’s often not that great and can be slow. Look for high-speed internet, or somewhere that offers rooms with a wired connection for the internet. 

Is there a safe in the room large enough for things like your laptop? If you’re travelling for work, you want to be sure that you can lock away any company valuables before you head out for dinner in the evening. 

Is there a hotel concierge? They can suggest nearby laptop-friendly cafes if you want to get some work done before your meetings, as well as making suggestions for somewhere for dinner where you won’t feel out of place as a solo diner. 

A hotel with laundry facilities could be helpful if you need to freshen up work clothes after being crammed in your suitcase. If you need to be well-rested, see if the hotel offers different options for pillows, so you can choose the right ones to be comfortable to help you sleep well and arrive for meetings or conference refreshed. 

What sort of food options are on-site? As a lone diner, you might feel less out of place in a hotel restaurant, especially if the hotel welcomes a lot of business travellers. 


Reading is a crucial component of any child’s development which is why parents should read to their kids from a young age. It helps them with their imagination, as well as their spelling, grammar and general vocabulary.

The earlier you get your child into reading, the more likely they are to find an interest in it as they get older. It’s also a great way to spend some quality time together and will help get them off to sleep at night. I have teamed up with a pre-prep school in Hertfordshire to explore the advantages of reading to your toddler.

When your child starts school, one of the first things they’ll learn is how to read. That’s why it’s wise for you to get some practise in beforehand, so that they don’t fall behind. It’s a much more beneficial way for your little one to spend their time than watching cartoons as it keeps them entertained whilst teaching them valuable skills. You might think your toddler is too young to reap the benefits of reading, but actually, it will help them with their general knowledge.

Whatever the type of story, reading to your child will help them with their communication skills. This is because they will learn new verbs and adjectives and the two of you can discuss the events of the story once you’re finished. What’s more, it may even improve your child’s ability to concentrate on something for a reasonable amount of time, which will serve them well when they start school.

Bedtime stories are a blessing for both children and their parents, as they’re a way to bond in a calm and comfortable environment. There’s no denying that any home activity like this is an important way to supplement your child’s learning outside of a classroom environment.


Your child’s social experiences will play a crucial role in their life, aiding their growth and development in various ways. For instance, the interactions they have when they’re young will help them when making friends at school and build healthy relationships in general. With that said, it’s important for parents to find ways to help their children develop strong social skills from as early as possible. Here are some tips from an independent school in London.

Start by trying to teach and show your child some appropriate and inappropriate ways to behave. A lot of this will be learnt through observation of you and other influential people in your child’s life, so you should always try to be a good role model around your child. Talk to your child about the importance of being polite and well-mannered when talking to someone. Teach them that when someone is talking, it is rude to interrupt. Essentially, you should explore the different elements of a healthy conversation.

You will also need to explain to your child that sometimes body language can be just as powerful as words. For instance, if a person is crying, then you know that they are sad. With that said, your child will need to learn how to determine how another person is feeling based on their actions, so that they can respond appropriately. To help, you might be able to find some flash cards of different facial expressions that you can show your child and ask them what each one means, giving examples of suitable ways to react.

Make sure that your child is given plenty of opportunities to socialise with both adults and children from a young age so that they are comfortable with it. Arrange lots of play dates and when your child is old enough, encourage them to join some extra-curricular activities so that they have a chance to meet new people and interact in different environments. Their social interactions shouldn’t always occur within the comforts of their own home, so try and mix it up as much as possible.

If you are worried about your child’s social development in any way, don’t be afraid to seek professional advice and support. You could even speak to your child’s teacher, as they may have some suggestions and will be able to help your child to their best of their abilities.


Curiosity is an important component in a child’s learning journey, and life in general. It’s what drives us to uncover new information and figure out how the world works. With that said, it’s important for parents to encourage their children to become inquisitive and ask lots of questions from a young age, to help them learn and grow continually. An independent day and boarding school in Hitchin have some tips.

Start by making sure you answer your child’s questions, even if you’re busy. It’s easy sometimes to shrug them off when you’re in the middle of something, but this will only discourage them from asking more questions in the future, thus stunting their curiosity. If you don’t know the answer, it’s a good idea for the two of you to try and figure it out together, by researching online or looking through a few books.

Try and help your child experience new things on a regular basis, by visiting various places or pursuing new hobbies. This will stimulate their inquisitive side because they will likely have lots of thoughts and questions. If they become used to something, they will cease to be curious about it. This might mean breaking away from your usual routine from time to time but it will be worth it if it’s stimulates your child’s learning and creativity.

Another way to encourage your child to be inquisitive, is to be inquisitive yourself. As you go about the day’s activities with your child, ask lots of questions. For instance, if it starts to rain you could say “do you know where rain comes from?” and then you can discuss the answer together. When reading a story to your child, ask them “how do you think this story will end?” and see if their predictions come true. Try and create an environment where asking questions, talking openly and exploring different things is normal.


The question of what age is the most appropriate for sending your child to nursery has no easy answer. There isn’t a universal option that caters to all children and all parents, as it really depends on the unique circumstances of each family. Perhaps you’d like to encourage your child to meet and interact with other children their age, in a structured learning environment. Maybe you’d like to get them ready for school so it doesn’t seem as daunting when they move into a Reception class. You might just need some form of childcare so that you can focus on your work commitments during the day. There are clearly many different reasons why a parent may choose nursery as an option. Here are some tips from an independent nursery school in Somerset.

For those of you who are concerned that your child is not ready for nursery, you should know that whatever age you choose to send them will bring you a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. While you might feel that you’re missing out on a lot of time with your baby if you send them to nursery when they’re just a few months old, it allows them to become accustomed to being separated from you. On the other hand, if you wait until they’re two or three years old, they might find it a lot harder to be away from you. Of course, all children are different, and many toddlers settle in well as they are just starting to become independent and figure out ways to keep themselves busy.

Most nurseries don’t tend to accept babies under the age of three months, but you might be able to find one or two exceptions. Younger children have additional needs, so make sure you do plenty of research around your local nurseries so that you are 100% happy with your decision and your child is receiving the appropriate level of care. You know your child better than anyone so only you can decide what’s truly best for them. Don’t succumb to pressure from other parents or feel like other people are judging you, because their circumstances will be completely different to yours. 


Today's blog post is a review of this backpack that we have kindly been sent by The back pack is by a brand called Lazy Bear who have a collection of lovely mens bags. are a mens accessories retailer, they stock a variety of different product and brands. It's super easy to shop as you can shop by category so you can find exactly what you are looking for. Trendhim stock everything from watches, bracelets, bags, sunglasses to jewellery and more. My experience with Trendhim was very good, the website was easy to use and browse and delivery was quick, sent via Royal Mail so I was able to track delivery. 

Clint picked out this bag from the Trendhim website as he's needed a new backpack for a while. He uses a backpack for work but we thought this would also be super handy for days out or a holiday. It's a good medium size not too big but you would be able to fit loads inside. It has a big front pocket with zip aswell as a laptop compartment inside to keep your laptop safe. Clint liked the simple design of the Lawrence bag, it's a Navy blue colour with Tan artificial leather detailing. They do it in a black version too. I think it a really nice smart bag that would be perfect for the commute to work but it's also casual enough to use as an everyday bag or a gym bag. It's a really decent size so you don't need to worry about packing too much stuff. It's a really good quality and the straps are comfy too so great for using on a day out. 

The bag is very nice and Clint is really happy with it. He will be using it as his new work bag, once he's allowed to go back to work. Be sure to check out Trendhim if you are shopping for mens accessories, Fathers Day is next month so a great excuse to pop online and have a browse.