A few weeks ago I was invited along to Go Ape in Cannock, I've wanted to go to Go Ape for so long so I was super excited to go along!  I went along with Clint, My mom and My moms friend.

We arrived at Cannock chase and parked the car, i've never been to Cannock chase before, it's a big massive park / woods with loads of space for picnics, bike trails, walking so we will be going there again in the summer. We headed over to the Go Ape hut and got signed in.

We were then taken through a safety demo and the staff got us into our harnesses and ready for the day. We had to each demonstrate what we had been taught on a small course and got to have a practice using the equipment.

Once the team were happy we were left to our own devices to make our way through the courses, the team were never far away and were on hand if we needed any assistance at all.

We made our way through the course which is up in the trees, it's high but not too high and you
 feel really safe with your harness on and you are always attached to something. We had to climb up ladders, make our way across tiny walkways, around trees, swing from tree to tree and to get down to come down a zip wire which is really fun, they also have Tarzan swings where you swing into a net which is also really good.

If your not a fan of heights but not petrified or not too sure if you could handle it they do have a junior course which is smaller but Clint is quite scared of heights and did it without any fuss at all. I would say it's worth giving it ago if your unsure because you are adrenaline fueled and its just so much fun.

I wasn't too sure what to expect but we had such a good day, all the staff (especially Phil at Cannock) were amazing, we had an amazing experience and would love to do it again!

* We were invited along to Go Ape for free,  I have not been paid for this post. This is an honest post and my own words and opinions.


Umberto Giannini Glam Cheat Volumising Dry Shampoo - £6* - Boots 

I've only really ever used the Batiste dry shampoo so when I was sent this dry shampoo from Umberto Giannini I will admit it sat in a drawer for a long time. I tend to stock up on dry shampoo so I don't run out but I started to feel the Batiste dry shampoo was irritating my scalp so I stopped using it for a while. I found this is my drawer so decided to give it ago and thought i'd share my thoughts.

First of all the packaging is gorgeous, I love the Black and Gold! It's easy to use and creates volume and stops your hair from looking greasy. I think it's a really good dry shampoo. You don't need to use loads as a little goes along way, I tend to use just at the roots. I spray onto the hair and then use my hands to brush it out. You don't get any white residue like other dry shampoos which is amazing and it also smells really good which for me is just an added bonus.

I think £6 is quite alot for a 200ml bottle of dry shampoo but it lasts ages and it is a more luxurious product. I would buy this in the future and recommend it to people who are looking for a good dry shampoo. Boots also have this on offer right now so you can stock up on Umberto Giannini products as they are on 3 for £15.

*this post contains a pr sample. I have not been paid for this feature.


If you haven't seen this new release from Rimmel where have you been? I've seen this mascara all over social media and i've even seen adverts on TV for it.

I've been using this for about a month now and thought i'd share my experience with it.

This is the Rimmel Volume Shake mascara and its a very new concept for mascara as inside is a patent-pending shaker which refreshes the volumising formula whenever it's needed. So you shake it to keep it fresh.

It's a clump free mascara and creates volume, and due to the shake technology lasts a really long time, so you won't have to throw it out because it's dried up.

I think the shake technology is a really good idea and I hate it when your mascara dries up and you know theres still loads left. I don't feel that this mascara really gives great volume and I think it's because you need an element of clump/dry mascara to get a really good volume. I like long and thick lashes and this is a much more natural lash. I think the texture is a little too watery for me and I would prefer a little bit of clump/thickness to the lash.

I know everyone is different and alot of people love a more natural less clumpy look when it comes to mascara but this just isn't for me. I will continue to use it as I don't think it's that bad but I wouldn't repurchase this.

* this is a pr sample, I have not been paid for this feature.


If you have been a reader for a while you will know I love watches, I have an ever growing collection and today I thought i'd share my latest addition from WellyMerck. This is the Classic New York R | 36mm design which I love! The strap is this gorgeous Rose Gold colour and you can choose from a Black or White face. I went for Black as I have alot of watches with a White face.

The watch is of a really good quality, it is weighty but not heavy or bulky. It's very comfortable to wear and easy to put on. The colour of the watch is lovely and the strap is a mesh strap which is really nice, it's different to all of my other watches. 

WellyMerck have a huge selection of different styles available on their website and they stock both men's and women's styles. They also have a selection of alternative straps that you can buy and replace your current strap. This is really easy to do as many of their styles have a cute little clip that makes changing the strap super easy. 

Head over to the WellyMerck website to check out their other styles and use the code 'amypyt'  to get 20% off throughout April. 

* This post contains pr samples,  I have not been paid for this feature.


This week is National Experience Week! This is a week dedicated to having a good time whatever you decide to do. I love to do new things and i'm always looking for fun and exciting things to do. Check out Into The Blue as they have so many different experiences and days out for everyone to enjoy. I have took part in a few different experience days for example i've been on spa days, i've done animal experiences, scuba diving, afternoon teas, hotel stays, spa trips and much more.

I thought i'd share my wish list with you, so these are a few things I would love to do if I got the chance.

A Tree Top Break - These tree top hotels look incredible. I think it would be so much fun to be in the middle of a forest, in a tree top room with amazing views. Chilling in the hot tub and going for walks in the forest, no phones, no laptops is my idea of the perfect getaway.

A Helicopter ride- i've never been in a Helicopter and it's on my bucket list, I've just never really had the opportunity but i'd love to go in a Helicopter. When we went to America I really wanted to do, it but never got the time. I'd love to do a Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon or in New Look, thats the dream!

Tandem Bungee or even single bungee,  I really don't think Clint would ever do this! But I have always wanted to do it! I just think it would be such an adrenaline rush.

I don't know why I really like the idea of going in a hot air balloon, I just imagine it being so chilled and relaxed just floating in the sky, it just sounds amazing.

Animal Experiences, I would love to swim with Dolphins again i've just never really had the chance to do it but I think it would be such an incredible experience. When I have kids i'm going to take them to play with dolphins, it's got to be just amazing.

I hope you like my wishlist and like the sound of the experiences i'd love to do.


It's so easy to get involved, create your own Into The Blue Wishlist, follow this link for more information. ( it shows to step by step how to get involved) 

Once you have picked the experiences and added them to your wish list share these and how you are going to celebrate National Experience Week via Facebook or Twitter (or both) and use the #nationalexperienceweek tag  

Into The Blue will be picking one lucky winner who will win everything on their list (upto £1000)

There will also be runner up prizes with the chance to win a £100 Into The Blue Gift Voucher.

All of the terms and conditions are over on the Into The Blue website and the winner is announced after the competition closes on the 26/4/17  

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** This competition is being run by Into The Blue not myself, I do not hold any responsibility for this giveaway, I am just advertising the competition. I will not be picking any winners. Head to Into The Blue for t&c's 


The bank holiday is here and a lot of people myself included like to take advantage of the extra few days off and go for an adventure. I am actually working over the weekend so I won't be going anywhere but we went on a few long journeys last weekend as we were both off and took advantage of the gorgeous weather.

On Saturday we went to Stratford Upon Avon and had such a lovely day, the weather was beautiful, it was so warm and then on Sunday we drove to Weston Super Mare for the day.

When going on long journeys you should always check your car over and make sure that everything is in working order before you get on your way. I thought i'd put together a list of things to check before going on those long journeys.

* One of the main things to check is your tyres, if your tyres are not safe they can cause some very serious accidents or issues. Blow outs or a puncture on the motorway can be so dangerous so just checking your tyres before you leave is so important. You want to check the tyre pressure, you don't want too much or not enough pressure in your tyres. Next you want to check the condition of your tyres, look out for any holes, scratches and rips as these can cause problems. You can always have your tyres checked and replaced by a specialisOne place to go to for cheap tyres London is DAT Tyres where they offer fairly low prices. This ensures you have the safest tyres before a long journey. Also check your spare tyre for any damage should you need to replace a tyre should you have any issues.

* Engine Oil, again this can cause all kinds of problems including your engine could completely seize up and stop working which would leave you pretty much stranded. So make sure this is topped up before you go on your journey. You check the oil using the dipstick. 

*Checking you have enough water in your car. Even if the weather is lovely and you wont be using your windscreen wipers the water in your car the water also keeps the car cool and your engine temperature maintained. Your car could overheat or you could break your engine if you don't have enough water in your car.  

*Windscreen Wipers, This is such a simple thing to check but can cause real issues if they are broken. Just test them before you get on your way. In case it starts to rain and you cannot see because they are broken or you could get dust or something else blow onto your windscreen and you cannot clear it because the wipers are broken or just smearing it across the screen. 

* Are your lights working? This can be a real hazard whether your driving during the day or night. If your brake light is out or an indicator isn't working you can cause an accident as the driver behind won't know what you are doing. Light bulbs are very inexpensive so replace any broken ones before you go. In the dark a lack of lights can be so so dangerous, especially on little country roads that have no street lights.

*Have your car serviced? Have you got an MOT coming up? If your due to get your car serviced or MOT get this done before you head away for the weekend. There could be a serious problem with your car that you know nothing about. Having your car checked out before you go away could prevent you braking down so it's worth doing. We went to wales a couple of years ago and Clint's car was due a MOT and we found out he needed 4 new tyres and this could have caused a serious problem if we had left it until we got home and could have cost us a lot more money to have the car fixed if we were in an accident or recovered if we broke down.

* Plan your journey, do you have enough petrol? Do you know where your going? The nearest service station? Do you have tools in the boot should you need them. Have you got water and food should you break down. It doesn't hurt to be prepared. 

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Today I have a huge Fragrance Direct haul to share with you ! If you haven't heard of Fragrance Direct before they are an online beauty retailer. They stock lots of amazing brands and beauty products and always have the latest products for a fraction of the retail price.

I have got myself lots of goodies so I thought i'd share my haul so you can see some of the amazing brands they stock.

I picked out this Hugo Boss perfume, it's called Boss The Scent and i've smelled this a few times and I really like it. It's a seductive and luxurious scent, the packaging is just gorgeous.

I also went for this Narciso Rodriguez fragrance Fleur Musc has a scent of Roses, spices and amber wood which is really up my street, I love floral but spicy scents! I've never tried any Narciso Rodriguez fragrances before so i'm excited to try this out.

I couldn't stop myself from picking out a couple of Bobbi Brown bits. This lipstick is such a gorgeous shade. It's one of their Creamy Matte lipsticks in the shade True Pink which is this really pretty pink shade. I haven't tried any Bobbi Brown lipsticks before so i'm excited to give it a try. I swatched it on my hand and the consistency is really good, such a good colour payoff.

I also picked out the Bobbi Brown Ink Liner in Blackest Black, I have actually tried this already because I was running out of my usual Eye liner and I love this! It's really easy to use. It's such a good black liner, it's so dark and didn't irritate my eyes. I have sensitive eyes so sometimes struggle with eye liner.

Nars is one of my absolute favourite brands so when I spotted a few Nars bits on Fragrance Direct I had to pick something up. I thought i'd try the Nars Concealer, i've used their radiant creamy concealer before but not this one. I got the shade Vanilla which is a good light shade. It's really creamy and easy to blend, i'm excited to give it a proper try.

I've used a few High Definition products before but only their brow products so when I spotted they did foundation and other base products I was very interested. I picked up their Beauty fluid foundation which is a lightweight formula and blends very easily. I've only tried it a couple of times but it really reminds me of Nars Sheer glow formula which is one of my favourites!

How gorgeous is this Glow and Ray eyeshadow palette in Golden Dunes. They are really pretty shimmery shades. They are really silky and easy to apply.

I hope you liked my haul, I was kindly sent these products from fragrance direct. What are your favourite brands and products that you buy from Fragrance Direct? Have you got some beauty bits in your wishlist?

* This post contains PR Samples, I have been honest and the above opinions are my own.


In a world of fad crazes and celebrity trends, it’s difficult to know what to believe when it comes to skincare. To sort the facts from the myths, we’ve spoken to Dermalogica retailer Pure Beauty’s resident skin therapist — read on to learn what we should and shouldn’t be doing! 

1.      Which skincare ingredients should I avoid? 
The main ingredients to avoid include alcohol, mineral oil, lanolin and of course artificial colours and fragrances. While they may be included in ‘hydrating’ moisturisers, they are abrasive and can actually dry your skin out. 

2.      How often should I wash my face? 
Cleansing your face both morning and evening is one of the key steps in any skincare regime. Use gentle products and don’t scrub, as doing so can damage the surface of your skin. 

3.      How often should I exfoliate my face? 
The frequency of exfoliation depends very much upon your skin type and the nature of the exfoliant you are using. Daily exfoliants can be used daily – but only once within a 24 hour period. 
Other exfoliants can be used up to three times a week. Exfoliate either in the morning or in the evening after cleansing and before applying your toner. 

4.      How can I prevent acne? 
Acne has many causes and only some of which are directly related to your skin. In general, regular cleansing and exfoliation using products targeted to your skin type will help prevent the build-up of sebum and dead skin cells, which form plugs that can block your pores and create the perfect environment for bacterial growth. 

5.      Should I squeeze spots? 
As a general rule, you should never squeeze pustular spots as it can worsen bacterial infection and can cause the scarring often associated with severe bouts of acne.  
Blackheads can be removed through extraction but your hands must be very clean and you should wrap your fingers in clean tissue paper as a shield, which will then collect the residue. 

6.      What moisturiser should I use?  
You should always use a moisturiser specific to your skin type. There is not a one-size-fits-all moisturiser and this is where many people go wrong. Oil control moisturisers are specifically designed for very oily skin. Active moist and skin smoothing creams are suitable for a combination of skin types and there are more specific moisturisers for dry or prematurely aging skin. 

7.      How do I get rid of bags under my eyes? 
It is very difficult to get rid of bags under your eyes due to their delicate nature and the fact that it can simply be a hereditary trait. Plenty of sleep is the best thing, but you must also avoid using your moisturiser on the delicate area beneath your eye. The ingredients in most moisturisers are too strong and it can be a contributing factor. 

8.      What causes dry skin? 
The main cause of dry skin is your genetic makeup but age and environmental factors play a large part. It is also important to differentiate between dry skin (lack of natural sebum) or dehydrated skin (lack of water) in the skin. A moisturiser is used for dry skin, while a toner is more suited for dehydrated skin. 

9.      How do I get rid of dry skin? 
Dry skin can be aggravated by cold weather conditions outside and the drying central heating in our workplaces and homes. A well-designed and maintained skincare regime using products specifically recommended for use will help you combat dry skin.  

10.  How do I get rid of oily skin? 
Using products designed for oily skin will help you combat this skin issue. There are many products on the market that are deigned to absorb excess sebum in the skin, while regularly using masks designed for oily skin will be beneficial. 

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