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Glossy Box -Valentines Day

eyeko skinny eyeliner- plum orly nail lacquer weleda one step cleanser and toner FAB gentle body wash and MURAD hybrids skin perfecting primer - Dewy Finish

i've been super excited for glossy box this much as im sure everyone is! it seems like forever since we got our christmas box's so when i opened the bright pink box i was really excited (even though i had looked at peoples blogs prior to opening mine so i kinda knew what to expect) hehe i was really happy with everthing in my box as i know ill use everything (except the plum eyeliner)

im gonna use these products and review them properly.
what did you get in your glossybox ?

on another midnight run.

skirt; h&m top; topshop cardigan; clothesshowlive necklace;john lewis

just a quick post today, i really liked this outfit so i had a few minutes this morning to take some photos. i really love this top, its from topshop and its only £10 they do it in a few other colours that i might invest. i wasnt sure what skirt to wear, i have a pleated skirt that ive never worn and it looked really nice with this top but it makes me feel big around my hips so i changed it for my trusty bodycon that made me feel rather slim ;D diets going well.

working the weekend so may not get a chance to post, maybe sunday evening. have a nice weekend 

where have you been all my life.

 top; urban outfitters jeans; topshop cardigan:primark camera:canon D1000

this week has been rather long for me, i guess its because ive been to uni everyday which is different i usually have at least one day off a week. got loads of work to do. working all weekend aswell :(
been looking at some bleach jeans for a while but i can never bring myself to buy some as i think they can look tacky on some people. i think these are nice because they are more leggins/jeggings rather than jeans so they are really comforable but they still give the jean effect - one thing i dont like is because they are tight on your legs due to the elasticness i think my knees stand out and look really knobbly. what do you think of them ?

i started a diet a few weeks ago and im doing really well, havent lost much weight but im starting to notice a difference, in my face and boobs.

REVIEW; nivea visage tinted moisturiser

amazon: £7.95

I bought this tinted moisturiser to try out as I do have very oily skin but this says it doesn't clog pores so i thought i'd give it a try. first of all the bottle is a whopping 75ml which for a foundation/ tinted moisturiser is alot. its a nice bottle and the packaging is nice too.
like most tinted moisturisers the application is quite runny and opaque but it does give full coverage, it smells lovely and the natural shade was really nice on myself. (i'm quite pale, tanned)
it does however state it adapts to your natual skin tone so i should image it would match most skin types.

i really like this product and if you can get your hands on it i would reccomend trying it out. i use mineral foundation but i am going to try this out and see whether my skin likes it as i might where it daily. it absorbs really quickly and makes your skin really soft.

i actually bought this product from home bargains for £1.99 so i would RUN TO YOUR NEAREST NOW! because for the money this is an absolute steal, but if you dont live by a home bargains its available on amazon.


                                                        dress; new look AX paris range   belt; primark

i really liked my outfit today, i wore this dress which is from the AX paris range in New Look although i dont think they do it anymore but these skater dresses are really popular so you can get them anywhere for next to nothing.. there all over ebay. it came with a plait black belt but i think leopard and burghandy go so nice  together also i wore my cream topshop cardigan. i wear this red burghandy colour all the time but its really one of my favourite colours i like how blonde it makes me look hehe.

the blogs been doing really well this week so thank you to everyone thats been reading, make sure you follow me on twitter ill announce any posts ect... @amylovesdaniel
my blog is a year old on the 7th march so ive been keeping an eye out for some giveaway prizes.

i won a giveaway myself the other day on victorias blog (

sorry my rooms so messy

topshop 20% off ends midnight

this week topshop have been offering 20% off for all students with a valid NUS card,
ive done a sneaky order today, im getting these leggins and the grey curve hem tank top, i wanted all of these items but i wanna holiday this year therefore i need to stop spending.

i think these are all great items and would like to buy all of them.

have you used your student discount this week and picked up any bargains ;)

(all prices are before the 20% has been applied)

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i probs wont get to post this weekend, with work and being at daniels so here's a little snippet of my week ;)

REVIEW; No7 Mineral Perfection Blusher

                                                            No7 mineral perfection blusher (rose pink) £9.00
(the picture doesnt do the shimmer any justice)

I've been using this blusher for a few days and I really like it. I've been looking into buying a new blusher, ive been using the same avon blusher for awhile now as i like the shade but its just a matt shade and i wanted to try something abit differenet with some shimmer in it. Ive been looking into the Benefit blushers and i found out that they have a new one coming out which alot of people are raving about so I'm going to wait for that one, I also looked at Nars and Mac. I had a No7 voucher so I had a little browse in Boots and came across this, I intended on buying the BB cream but when i saw this i just wanted to try it.

The consistansy is really nice and it lasts all day. Its really nice that you get a brush with it and its a nice brush. It applys quite light but builds up really easily which is great because i like to build up my blusher but some people like it more faint. It does look really PINK in the pot but its a nice natural colour on the skin as you can see from my swatch, (one layer). I think No7 is a really nice drug store brand, Its not too expensive so you dont feel guilty. you get a nice quality product for your money, you dont have to spend £2o odd to get nice makeup. The packaging as with most No7 products is great quality, its black and a really nice shiny material.

For £9.oo or £4.oo if you have a No7 voucher this is a great buy! I will use this blusher again and again. I like the quality and you get loadss! its 4g and minerals last ages anyway. its a nice colour and looks great even if you apply a small amount. i apply a loose powder over my blush so it makes it more faint and it looks really natual. I would reccommend to EVERYONE!

have you used this blusher? or are you going to try it?
what are you going to buy with your No7 Vouchers?

REVIEW; Tangle Teezer Orignial

tangle teezer original; £10.20 boots (cheaper online)
mine was £8 from the clothes show

when i saw these i knew i wanted one so when i finally did i was really excited, alot of people are like its just a brush, how can you justify spending that much on some plastic. well the thing is ... tangle teeezer aims to care for your hair therefore reducing hair breakage, splits and damaging hair. it even says it will make your hair shiny.

now for me its perfect... i have knotty, frizzy hair, its mid-length and a nightmare in the morning. since using tangle teezer i havent really noticed any difference to my hair for example less split ends or shinier hair but it does get my knots out effortsly and doesnt hurt my head. (i do need my hair cutting so i might notice my split ends improving more after that)

a problem ive had with brushes previously is the brush hurts my head when i am brushing my hair but the bristles are gentle and the way you hold the brush means you have total control over it thus not whacking yourself on the head

ive been using it in the bath and shower to distribute my conditioner evenly :) it works really well and it gets the knots out just as well on wet hair.

i would recomend this to everyone - its compact and easy to fit in your bag, it does get your knots out easily and its glittery and purple ;) (available in more colours) i would say if you have really soft, shiny hair and you can brush it easily enough now its probably not worth buying one, but if like me your hairs full of knots everyday and getting them out with your usual brush hurts i would definatly tell you to buy one.

an A to Z of things i love (a-v technically)

this is my first scheduled post.
it should be 5.00pm on wednesday the 18th of january ;D

I'm in birmingham most likely at the cinema :D hehe

another one of those days!

cardian : river island top: urban outfitters scarf: market jeans : primark

well todays been one of THEM days! firstly i fell back to sleep ¬_¬ so after rushing to get ready and being stressed out by abbie; shes one of those people that leaves things so instead of sorting out shoes yesterday she did it this morning therefore making herself late, shes got a interviewy/first shifty thing at my work tonight.
after finally making my way to university i got to the trainstation to be greated with CANCELLED! and lots of them. all the trains were delayed and canceled because of one! broken down train.
anyway after waiting about an hour i gave up and came home. opps.
i really like this outfit :D my cardigan was a bargain £17 in the sale i love it, my moms got it in a red/rust colour aswell.
ive been looking at new blushers, im currently using one from Avon but i really want to try a mac one or benefit, maybe NARS( a more expensive brand lol ) but i just dont know what shade to go for.
let me know what you think of these blushers if you use them,

Few bargains I picked up this week

Firstly the face masks they are sheet face masks so really easy to apply to the face they have a 20 minute application time which I thinks reasonable as its longer than most face masks. They have different smells and they concentrate on different areas and different outcomes! They were 69p each from home bargains! I'll reviews when I've used them

Secondly the nail polishes are from the 99p shop for all three! 99p! Haven't tried them yet be I will post when I have wanted to get them on the blog as both shops rarely have things in there for long.

Back to university now so lack of blogging however ive joined the iPhone craze so I'll try and blog from my phone.
And I'm on twitter alot... @amylovesdaniel

a windy day

top; old newlook scarf; market necklace; dorothy perkins sale. topshop jeans.

well today was windy, everyones been talking about it. i hate rain and wind and the weather has really made me not want to go back to uni as i commute to uni everyday, two buses and a train :( and then a 15 - 20 minute walk...

today i spent the day with my boyfriend, his brother and dad. it was nice :) we had lunch at the hungry horse pub by us, the food was nice and so was desert ;D
after that we went for a little look around the shops - honestly i dont know what i like anymore, buying things seems so difficult so i bought another new pair of jeans and my foundation.

i bought this foundation as i had a no7 voucher. i used to use no7's mineral powder foundation but its been discontinued :( so ive had to start trying new foundations, the only problem is , i have really oily skin and i don't like my face looking shiny so i try to stay away from liquid foundations- ive tried the moose ones in the past so ive decided to try this one as it rubbed into my skin really nice and looks natural.


 dress:topshop  cardian: new look
purse: urban outfitters sale £5
 latest e.l.f order
this is post number 100! and welcome to a new year.

hope everyones well and enjoying their christmas and new year. I've really enjoyed this week as ive been off work and ive got to spend loads of time with my family,