What I bought today #7

Heres a few bits and pieces I picked up yesterday and I thought i'd share these bargains with you! The rimmel eyeshadow, the stila tinted moisturiser and the collection 2000 poptastic palate were all from poundland ! Thats right a POUND! So quick run from your house now and buy them!

I needed liquid eyeliner so picked up this collection 2000 one which was on a 2 for £5 offer so I also grabbed this mascara. I do like collection 2000 and its so cheap, I like it when i'm saving (which I am) because I don't feel bad about buying make up.

The poptastic palatte is really nice and I saw it in boots too ;)

REVIEW: ELF Cream blush in flirt

Again another 50% off ELF product, I do love elf products because they are such good quality products and so so cheap. This cream blush is £6.50 which is the same price as the topshop ones, I got it for £3.25 when the 50% off deal was on so I had to buy it and I'm hear to rave about it! 

when I posted a few snaps of what I bought in the 50% sale alot of people were interested in this cream blush. This is actually the first cream blush i've used as I tend to stick to powder blush. 

The packaging is the usual ELF style sleek black matte packaging, you get alot of product in this which is why i image its £6.50 you only need a tiny bit of product, in the picture above i've used about a pea size amount and this is the effect you get. It rubs in really well and its such a lovely pink which is the colour blush i tend to go for. 

I really like how it applies and I think its a really good value for money as it's a similar price to many drug store branded blush's. 

The quality of the blush is really good and its a product I would defiantly recommend :)  

Sunday Update #11

jumper topshop shorts reworked levis from urban outfitters belt newlook 

Went to a carboot this morning. I must say it was the most successful carboot I've ever been to, I'm gonna do a post later on in the week with what I bought at the carboot. 

Been working loads so really sorry for the lack of blogging. I have a couple hours now and a few blog posts to put together to schedule for this week. 

Posted a competition entry today where someone will win a REDROCK goody bag so read my new post to find out more about that:)

Working again this week but I'll still be tweeting and instagramming so follow me :) 

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REDROCK competition entry.

I chose these two studded tops from REDROCK 

I really love the grunge style of the tops and would team them up with a pair of disco pants like the ones above from american apparel! I think with a pair a leopard print ballet pumps and your raybans you will be ready to hit the shops this summer. I would say this would be a pretty casual outfit but you wouldn't go unnoticed!

I really love the sleeveless tank top style at the moment so I love the studded tank but the tee version would be really cute as a more summery option teamed with a pair of vintage levi's like the cute reworked versions on REDROCK! 

What are your favourite pieces from the redrock website?
why dont you enter the competition too here redrock fashion blog.

images from redrockfashion.com and asos.com

Sunday update #10

Blogging from my phone quickly before I go to work. Working loads this week and last week so sorry for lack of posts Blog will be back to normal soon. Hope everyone's okay ! Xxx

My ELF order !

 tea rose
 dawn cream eyeshadow
cream blush; flirt 

This is what I bought when elf released their AMAZING 50% everything on their website code! I was abit reluctant to place an order as at the moment I need to be saving my money for my holiday, but then I added a few pieces to my basket and accidentally clicked buy!  All of this including delivery came to £18.60 which considering I could have spent £18.50 on a benefit mascara this lot was a bargain!!! 

Will review products when I've used them properly!

My Topshop Buys!

both topshop

 buy here.  and  here.

Was really naughty on my way home from work and picked up these two tops. The skeleton one was actually half price in my local store so I got it for £7 :) and then I saw this amazing paisley top thats like a sleeveless burnout style and its so pretty! I wore it today and I love it, I cannot wait to wear it on holiday as I think its a really nice summery top :) 

sunday update #9

001. just been working and stuff this week. Had head office of pizza hut in so a very tense week :(

002. the posts that i've posted this week were scheduled as I knew I was going to be busy! May have to  get some posts sorted tonight as I have 27 hours this week :(

003. Dans been staying at mine for the last two weeks its been so cute :) had loads of pizza and watched loads of big brother :)

004. new top alert! This top in my picture is so cute and comfy its £16 from topshop go and buy it!

Its all about Playsuits this summer

 images from google 

ditsy playsuit from tesco sale £5 
black playsuit from h&m sale £6.50 

I loveeeee playsuits this summer! Especially these two that i recently picked up in the sales. I think they will look fab on holiday. Either in the day with some flip flops or on the night with a cute bag and some wedges. Do you love playsuits. I really want an aztec pattern one! 

Tesco summer sale shoes.

both F&F at tesco 

black flatform wedges £5
tan sandals £6 
both in sale 

REVIEW: Loreal nude magique and lumi magique

 sorry for the bad photo.

these LOreal products are both on buy 1 get the 2nd half price on boots atm

I received these the other day and immediately tried them out.  All you have to do is like the loreal page on facebook and then put in your details and they send you these samples. 

first of all I tried the Nude Magique BB cream, Its a white clay like formula and it honestly looks and smells like your about to put cement on your face, in a weird way you are because its like a primer it creates this smooth soft base which cement does :) I really liked the product on my face and it made my skin look really nice healthy and smooth. I would reccomend this and I'm gonna buy the full size product. I would compare this to benefit porefessional, Its not as good but it builds up a nice natural colour and smooths over the skin. Its a cheap alternative to Porefessional which is why I will be purchasing the full size.

If you have read previous reviews about foundation you will know that myself and liquid foundation don't get along. I always end up with a patchy neck and just look a mess. I use No7 mouse which is really a nice product.   This foundation however is a nice formula its not thick so you can build up a nice colour. personally the colour of the tester was too dark for my skin but I really liked the actual feel of the foundation on my skin. It has great coverage and it is really nice, I used this on top of the Nude Magique bb cream so it did last for hours! right until I had an allergic reaction and my eyes were streaming. I would recommend to anyone that regularly uses liquid foundation.

sunday update #8

top: topshop skirt: topshop belt:topshop hoodie (dans) primark

ignore my messy garden lol! took this yesterday. I felt really comfy :) I just tidyed up the house and chilled really. Went to tesco. Today i've done the same really been tidying and watching the tennis. Gonna type up a couple of posts for in the week. Have a pretty busy week ahead, working :( been so spoilt with my weekend off! 

Dans got a job at next which i'm so proud of him for getting :) 

ASOS £100 challenge

all items from asos 
total price £94

This is my asos £100 challenge entry, I spent £94 and have put together this aztec styled outfit that i think will look amazing on my holiday but also to wear from day to day. 
I love these flatforms and think they add elegance to the out fit. The sunglasses are a cute cheap alternative to raybans :) 

the duvet cover every blogger is talking about

tesco £7.63 (single) 
This duvet cover keeps appearing in blog posts, on instagram, twitter etc. So I had to buy it. Its usually just under £10 but at the moment on the tesco website theres 20% off so it's £7.63 which is amazing!
Thought id make sure every one knew about it ;) Its so similar to the duvet covers from cath kidston or ikea etc.

cath kidston £50 

green sleeves

 top: topshop  cardigan: clothes show shorts: PPV levi's belt:new look shoes: river island

Ben wanted to join in with todays outfit post. I love these photos, he actually looks rather clean... which is because we took him for a walk last night when it decided to rain loads!! I love this outfit, atm i've been wearing shorts and ditsy skirts loads.

Today was a nice day, really warm and the rain held off which was nice and this allowed me to do some DIY in the garden. I tried to bleach these shorts which didn't work out that well because I got impatient lol. I then dyed them pink!! I love the colour, They look really cute on and I can't wait to wear them on my holiday!
what do you think of my shorts? I'm going to stud one of the front and back pockets too : )

Sunday Update #7 My day at the vintage fair

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or their tumblr here.

 skirt: Gray Daisy Shoes: Aldo Shorts: levi's Moustache necklace : All from sutton vintage fair.

I went to sutton vintage and arts fair today. Heres some bits I picked up. I heard about the event a few weeks ago and I knew I had to go! and i'm so glad I did. As we walked in I was OMG its so big and hot! We had a look around but it was so much to take it, there was loads of people and so much stuff to look through. So I had a walk around and didn't pick anything up as some stalls were selling similar things and I thought i'd see what stalls had the best prices. 

I bought the Moustache necklace first, it was £3 from a stall that was selling loads of cute bits. They had some t-shirts that were handmade with little DIY pockets. 

After that dan went to have a little sit down and I had a proper look at the stalls and came back with these beautiful ALDO shoes.  I don't actually own any Aldo shoes but these are gorgeous. They were on the floor under a rack of scarves, I tried them on immediately as they looked about my size, the lady said £10 and I don't think i've ever payed for something so quickly hehe. I LOVE THEM! 

The skirt is a really cute floral pattern, the little flowers have little bits of pink. Its got a lovely elasticated waist and its pleated. Gray Daisy actually have a website where they sell reworked pieces so check that out. The skirt was £10

The bargain of the day has to be my paint splatted Levi's. They are a lovely fit, The paint splatters are unusual i've not seen that before. I'm so tempted to get my studs out and start studding them but i'm not sure yet! I just love these shortts and guess how much ???? £5!! BARGAIN!!! 

what do you think of my purchases?
have you ever been to a vintage fair?