REVIEW; Estee Lauder Skin tone Illuminator.

(rrp; £46)

i got a few sachets of this skintone illuminator as i do really love products such as this estee lauder product; im a fan of primers so when i was given these samples i was dying to try them out. ive used them for a few days now and they make your skin feel so soft, ive never used estee lauder products because they are really expensive but with this product a little goes along way and i can see why it is so expensive ; id say the 50ml bottle would last about a year. its a really lovely formula, its shiny and applies to the skin really nice.

i think i have actually fell in love with this and would love to try more estee lauder products; the only problem for me is the price tag, i would happily pay the price but i am looking to book a holiday and im going to paris so i dont really have the money to spend on skintone illuminators

has anyone else tried this or even forked out the £46 for it?

REVIEW; tesco loafers.

(tesco loafers: £10)

look familiar?  thats right they are the shoes you wanted from topshop but they were £28. these shoes only cost me £10 from the tesco clothing website and if you live near a tesco you can have them delivered there for you to pick up for FREE! otherwise its a £3.95 charge.  still cheaper than topshop, who only have one size left in these shoes.

the quality is really good - they fit nicely and look great on :)

if you think out it the material is like suede so once you wear them in our british weather they wouldnt last too long so would you rather spend £10 or £28? i know which i would rather spend for the same shoes.

they are near identical- i know some people are lable snobs and would much rather be wearing a topshop shoe than a tesco one but once its on your foot who knows where its from?

let me know what you think?

get online now to tesco clothing and order a pair today 

OOTD; #1

(top; topshop shorts; internationale)

i really love these shorts; the suns been out so i decided to pop them on :) i think they are an item in my wardrobe that i could wear in so many different ways.

just a quick post today as i have loads of uni work to get on with. ive got some more posts planned over the next couple of days which i really am excited about one of those will be on the tesco loafers that i bought and another on Estee lauder skin illuminator.

what do you think of my outfit and are you excited for this weekends posts?

february glossy box

this is my final glossy box as i have decided to unsubscribe- i was going to unsubscribe after the christmas box but when they announced the suprise valentines box i had to stay and see what they had in store - honestly i loved the valentines box but this months wasnt even anywhere near as good as last months.

heres what i got in my box this month, the DuWop lipgloss and the Paul Mitchell hair smoothing treatment is all that really interests me although i really dislike the taste of the lipgloss so most likely wont even use it and hair treatments make my hair greasy - i am yet to try this product but cant see me using it. the eyeshadow is green - a shade i dont think anyone uses anymore. why would i need a 18 in 1 liquid soap and the lotion skinks. all in all really not impressed. ive had a few people asking me about glossy box recently and i have been really negative in this post i would reccomend recommend reading my previous posts; i have done 5 glossy box posts now they do have there ups and downs, i think this is the worst box so far but i just cant afford to spend £12.95 a month on products im not using - id rather buy one product that i will use.

i know glossy box is a samples box but im not even using the samples. in previous boxes there has been items that i LOVE but this box really didnt do it for me and thats why ive unsubscribed.

leave any comments reguarding glossy box below :)

pancake day

today i have been visiting some art galleries. yesterday i dropped my iphone in a cup of tea and its broken i knew getting out of the house would be a good way to make me forget about my iphone for abit and get out and see some exhibitions to put in my uni logbook. me and daniel visited eastside birmingham which was closed (gutted) but it meant we got to walk through custard factory which is really nice. we visited the birmingham ikon gallery which had 3 good exhibitions on, one which was all text and big writing and another which a sculpture artist and postcards from japan by tohnoku artists, all these exhibitions are mensioned on there website and would really reccomend you see it ( just let me know if you wanna see any pictures) we then visited walsall new art gallery which always has good exhibitions on, its actually showing an exhibtion which my uni tutor is part of so it was nice to see his work.

happy pancake day me and daniel went to this little pancake place and i had lemon drizzle and a scoop of ice cream - not just any ice cream MARSHMELLOW ice cream and dan had toblerone ice cream - had such a lovely day and kinda forgot about my phone for abit. (anyone who has an iphone 4 will know they rely 100% on that phone)

do you like these pictures of me out and about - would you like to see more of this?

splurge or save #1

i am one of those people that absolutely love finding little bargains, especially if they look like a highstreet brand like topshop. i love these loafers which are £28 on topshop but i really cant just justify spending nearly £30 on a pair of shoes that are not going to last very long,

for £10 you could buy like 3 pairs of shoes for the price you would have spend in topshop.  which ones would you buy, if you think about it you cant even tell where they are from when they are on your feet.

a little heads up: if you follow me on twitter you will know that me being me ( REALLY CLUMSY) i have broken my iphone 4 (dropped it in a cuppa tea) wahh wahh wahh so yeah wont be tweeting as much and it may take a while for me to reply to blog comments as i wont get emails and wont know about them wahhh. shouldnt effect my blogging tho.

every girl needs some fur

(coat: forever 21, shirt; h&m leggins; river island. )

for those of you that follow me on twitter you will know i NEEDED a leopard print fur coat well... i got one and its such a funny story of how i came to own it.
i've been looking on ebay, twitter, peoples blog saless and just none of them were right or of the right price. i found one that i loved and got into the bidding war but it went past £40 and i just wasnt willing to pay that much so anyway i was having a general conversation with my little sister about the matter and she was like OH laura has a fur coat ... a leopard one that she never wears anyway i tried it on and fell in love with it and after all the searching i found THE ONE and i bought it for £25 :Dwell happy and i love it

this week i was invited to a midlands blogger meet by rebecca and lucie are organising. It will be in birmingham and they are really trying to finalise numbers before they plan much. if anyone is interested just get in touch with myself or the girls and we will add you to thelist. all the london bloggers do it so its about time we got to have a bloggers meet also if you have any ideas about what we should do ect then let us know.

thats all really ive had such a long weekend been working and went to see two door cinema club last night so pretty knackered; might go and watch a film before bed.

Dorothy Perkins wish list

basket = £67.50  with discount £50.63 saving £ 16.87

dorothy perkins have 25% off for students for a limited time only - heres a few things i like go and have a look you could pick up a right bargain :D

to get the discount there is a little box in the center at the top of the page saying students 25% off click on that and you enter a few details eg student id ect and they deduct it from your basket

REVIEW; valentines glossy box.

okay these were the two products from the glossy box that ive used.  i havent used the nail polish properly but it covers well and its a nice polish.

first the Murad Primer : i have now used up all of this i really loved it!  for the past few weeks ive had really dry skin and keep having little breakouts! thats to this they covered great, i used my collection 2000 concealer and this on top and it covered lovely. the colour was maybe a little too dark for me but once i put my foundation on it was fine. it applys really nice too.
would reccommend and might have to go and buy the full size product only issue is the heafty price tag!

FAB body wash, after using the FAB facial wash in last months box i was really happy to see this in the box, fab is a brand that i have looked at before but really couldnt spend that much money on a facial wash/ body wash so i love these little sample bottles because they do last a long time.
the body wash smells better than the facial wash and it applies nice:) the only thing is the bottle made it quite hard to get the product out but apart from that its a great product, and if i had vouchers or was LOADED id buy the full size but until then ill have to stick to my garnier face wash,

what did you think of your GLOSSYBOX!
have you tried everything out yet ?

happy valentines day

1.&2.&3.bag: ebay 3. blazer: h&m shirt:missguided, miss selfridge 5. & 6. & 7 top primark leggings ebay

happy valentines day everyone, for those of you that follow me on twitter @amylovesdaniel you will know about my day- ive been to TGI fridays with my boy and ate far too many calories, i had the jack daniels seasame strips which ive just found out are like 3439478937 calories ! and the jack daniels chicken mmm, skipped pudding and had a cute little cupcake that came in a box with a little valentines card :) then we went to watch this means war, which is a really good film. if you like thriller action comedy romantic films go watch it!

ive spent way to much money this week for someone who has no money, ive bought this bag two tops and leggins as seen above as well as benefit blusher and i bought dan a ps3 game that hasnt come yet. so bank balance isnt happy, bursary should be here soon but i could do with that for paris.

hope everyones had a nice day
what do you think of my bag I LOVE IT!

instagram #4

pj's bedroom; necklaces ring; curly hair; toast and banana;skirt; snow;  tartan; soufliee.

Scheduled post: Topshop wish List

(topshop wish list; tan shoes £45; stripe sheer shirt £30 tea speckled dress £29)

dancing in the moonlight.

cardigan: new look, scarf: market, shirt: new look, skirt: h&m, leggings: river island.

i think everyone will agree that today with the horrible cold weather it makes us feel good for nothing - i hate cold i just wanted to stay in bed all day! but i couldnt so i got up(eventually) got ready and went to coventry for uni, as i was already late i didnt see the point in going to the studio so i had a little look in debenhams and a few other shops before heading to subway and then to uni for my 1'0clock lecture.

i originally didnt put skirt on this morning with this outfit but the cold weather made me reluctant to go out in just leggings but i didnt wanna wear tights so i wore leggings and skirt which i dont think looks great but i was comfy :)

i like my make up today, my skins been going really dry because of the cold but it looked okay today, been using LOOK's translucent powder which i really like :) it should come with a brush tho

probs be away from the computer alot over the weekend-

follow me on twitter tho @amylovesdaniel 

my superdrug haul!

trio eyeshadow swatches; smokescreen

(look's stay-put translucent powder, batiste;s dry shampoo- proud and true brit; mua's trio eyeshadow. mua nailpolish  shade 15 and shade 4;   mua  shade 2 pearl eyeshadow. barry M intense black eyeliner pen; garnier deep clean wash.)
heres a little look at a few bits and bobs i picked up in superdrug today; i've seeen alot of blogs comment on the mua range and for £1 you cant moan at the quality- from swatching and having a little play i must say i am impressed with the quality for the money.  the trio of eyeshadows was £2.50 - i had a bougeois one before that was of similar quality for 4x the price. i love a smokey eye effect so i will get full use out of this - when im not doing smokey eye i use a white/cream colour eyeshadow which is why i also bought the shade 2 pearl eyeshadow - it has shimmers/glitters and its such nice consistancy i cannot believe it was only £1. staying on the mua products ive picked up these little pink polishes as everyone needs 234546 different shades of pink to choose from they are really cute colours and after applying just one coat im impressed and two coats would easily give a great cover- well worth a pound!

after look relased their make up range - bloggers went maddd reviewing the products however i didnt see any for this powder, i am a fan of loose powder and i do go for light shades but ive never used a translucent powder i am yet to try this out on my face but it smells lovely and the powder is a nice feel- also the pot is LUSH! it has a mirror and the plastic inside to stop the powder falling out is really nice its lovely compared to some powders that GO EVERYWHERE!

i use batistes dry shampoo all the time whether its between washes or to matte my hair i live by the stuff- i always always have at least two cans at a time so when i saw superdrug had them on offer i had to pick some up- ive not used the brit one before i stick to the blush one but they didnt have any so i thought id brave the brit one and it smells lovely- i did smell the tropical one but it smells like malibu and makes me feel sick - especially the morning after a night out ;)

still yet to try the eyeliner and the face wash (the face wash smells like cucumber ;))

have you bought anything recently ?

instagram #3

REVIEW; OPI nicki minaj minis

(sorry i have 'crappy' nails.)

i ordered these OPI polishes the other day as soon as i saw asos had that 25% student discount offer. i've looked at these since they were released and i wanted them straight away... im not really fond of the yellow/green colour but the other 3 i will definatly use. they are really small bottles because they are mini's hense the £12.95 price (£10 with the 25% off!) which works out at £2.50  a bottle which is nothing- however trying the mini's has made me NEED to buy bigger bottles :D especially of the pink colour - i love it !

ive only actually tried the pink and glitter shades so they are the ones im really reviewing- the bottles are cute just like all opi bottles, the brushes are actually really nice quality making each stroke easy and it doesnt create any streaky lines.

the cover is amazing- one coat covers so well - i did my nails really quickly to get some pictures before it went dark but these pictures are two coats, it shows you how good the cover is for the price, the glitter polish i only used 1 coat- it is so rare to find a glitter polish that only needs one coat.

the little bottles are really good value for money if you know maybe you dont wear polish's very often or a small bottle will last you long - say you will only use one coat. its great that opi have made this mini's set because you can try out the shades without forking out for a big bottle that you will never use.

overall - i LOVE LOVE LOVEEE these polishes im gonna go and order loads of OPI polishes now :D
have you got any OPI polishes what are you favourite colours?