christmas post

christmas tree. presents. clothes and pjs. chocolate and bathsets. hot water bottle. chocolate bear. wire rack. tangle teezer. topshop patent shoes. slippers.

merry christmas. i seriously thought id get alot of blogging done over the holidays
i worked christmas eve and it was horrible:(
but ive got all this week off.

christmas day was different this year.i saw my boyfriend for abit and also my nan and grandad came for dinner. i got money mostly but also quite a few pressies off my mom. rock princess vera wang. pj's, slippers, dress, cardigan, shirt, leggings, new bin.

i got some nice pressies off my boyfriend too :D we had christmas on friday even tho we actually saw each other on christmas day too.

on boxing day we had our usual christmas family celebration, everyone came to my house and we drank ectt ...:D

on tuesdayy i went shopping and bought my topshop patent shoes £16.00 reduced to £10.00 and a stripe topshop top that was £18.00 reduced to £8.00... so no bargains really :(

today ive done nothinggg! stayed in bed all day at my boyfriends got ready went home.. did my makeup went the pub for dinner watched tv..

might blog tomorrow
need to do my uni esssay

nightt x

Glossy Box December

well i finally got my glossy box after seeing other reviews and posts about the box's i really couldnt wait to open mine so when it didnt arrive on monday i was GUTTED! but its here now and wow im impressed :)

First of all this months glossybox is red! i love it. when i was opening it, it actually felt like christmas. I think the red box was a good move from GlossyBox. I know we all love the pink box but should they have a change from time to time?

Rituals Foaming Shower Gel.
Yogi Flower.

When I was reading other posts I was really excited about how this shower gel smelled because everyone was raving about it. Its a lovely smell and it leaves your skin feeling really soft. I will definatly use all of this up.... I saw my mom eyeing it up too! This is a full size product which usually retails at £6.50 so already you begin to see how much this months GlossyBox is a good value.

Nouveau Lashes Noir Mascara.

I just had a quick test of this mascara and tbh its great. It gives you fuller lashes with no clumpyness and its black! Also the packaging for this product is really nice its heavy and feels expensive so again i'm really impressed with this... I saw a few posts where people hoped for the pallette but i think ill get more use from this.
Im guessing its a full size as its bigg! so it retails at £14.99 which is more than the subscription for GlossyBox ;)

Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle Mini Nail Varnish & stripped togo sachet.

When I first saw this polish I was like hmm is it really my colour. Im more pinks and blues. But I saw it in real life and fell in love. Its a Christmasy colour and Im loving glitter nails atm. I dont really have any colours like this in my nail polish box so i'm happy with this product.

I've just painted my nails and it dries quite quickly, however you will need 2 or 3 coats which is normal for any glitter polish as they are quite thin/ runny.

This isnt a full size bottle but tbh its big enough and you will defonatly get loads of wears from this bottle and hey if you like it enough go and buy it... this is the thing about GlossyBox it is actually just a samples box so the idea is if you try it a like the product you go and buy it ;)

FAB Face Cleanser

This product is great for me right now as my face and cold weather really dont go and im all spotty/ dry and to be honest quite sensitive... so when i saw this cleanser was going to be in the box I was really happy! until I saw the other face creams that people has in their boxes but I got the one I wanted WOO! and Its just what I need... the only flaw is its not a nice smell but you have to rinse it off anyway. I havent actually used this product yet but ill let you know how it goes.

Its quite a small bottle. Its an 1.0 oz bottle(28.3). The full size bottle is £13.00 for 141g so if I do like it I will actually buy this product as its what im looking for right now.

Cargo Cosmetics Classic Lipgloss

Right now it seems like a have LOADS of glosses. I got loads in my goody bags from clothes show... and tbh i dont really wear lipgloss BUT this one is really nice. Its a nude colour, its noticable but doesnt really stand out much, theres not much of a smell to it but the thing i like most is.. its not sticky! the thing i hate about lipglosses is they make your lips stick you go outside and you hair blows everywhere = hairy lips. where as this is lovely on your lips.

The size is quite handy- just pop in your pocket/ bag. I like to have a little gloss/ lippy in my bag so this will be popped in my handbag now ;)

At £10.00 for the full size isnt bad if you are looking for the right shade lippy without the sticky ;) hehe.

I've really liked this months box and its made me want to see what GlossyBox do in january, I'm going to stay a subscriber but I really want to try FeelUnique beauty box so i think January may be my last box but hey Decemeber's box was GREAT. I will use every single product so i feel like ive really got my moneys worth, I think after the bad reviews from novembers box and the good reviews from this GlossyBox should see what they were doing wrong.

kurt geiger purchase

final week at uni before christmas and like everyone else i'm skint. Theres loads of things i want to try... morrocann oil, theres so many nail polishes i wanna buy, i need hair treatment so as you can see spending money or even not spending money is an issue right now. however the other day whilst sorting out my clothes show purchases I did come across a Kurt Geiger gift card that I got with my Elle magazines and what did i find on this gift card £20!! so straight away i went on the website to see what i could get.. and tbh not a great deal for £20. There were somee nice woolly gloves in the sale at £9 but I've just bought new gloves... then i came across these little pouch bags, they look like make up bags/ something you would put in your handbag so i found a few for £20 but then the bigger size was £30 and me being me wanted bigger.... bigger is better. so here it is. to be honest the picture doesnt do it justice... its a more pink metallic colour and i love it :D

i was hoping to do my glossy box post tonight but its not here yet wahhh so check out my blog tomorrow :D

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paris in april

I'm going to paris in April with my university. I'm really excited as I think it will be such a good experience. Ive been looking through a few pictures to get me all excited hehe.

images: from google and tumblr

clothes show live HAUL


 all this barry m stuff for £10

 Models own: buy 3 models own products for £10 and get all this free

 i chose these polishes and the retractable brush

 cheek stain. smells really nice but its really messy

If you saw my last post about the clothes show you are probably wondering what i got from the clothes show well there you go ^^^^ ;D

aswell as this haul i got 2 velvet dresses... the are exactly the same as the ones in topshop retailing at £30 each. i got 2 for £15. this is why i love the clothes show

also dans bought me a tangleteazer but i cant have it until christmas.

the barry m stuff isnt really my colours ect... theres a few things like the nail polish but the stuff i wont use i have put into a bag and im going to give to my little sister for christmas,

the models own bag however was sooo good :D  i really love models own nail polish so i got 2 new shades and new retractable brush for £10 and then i got a bag of goodies.  ill use the mascara some of the eye shadow and probs the lipgloss.

is anyone wants to ask an questions about the clothes show do feel free as ive been the past 3 years :D

Clothes Show Live Birmingham 2011

red carpet designer catwalk  - ok magazine.

GHD stand.