I'm now 37 weeks so baby can arrive at anytime so I've got my bags all packed and ready to go by the front door. I have already done a post on what I have packed for baby so if you missed that you can go and read that here 

These are the items that I have packed for myself. Clint is going to be bringing a bag too and the baby has her own bag.

I've tried to think of products that will make my labor easier and i've tried to pack everything I think i'm going to need. I understand that half of this stuff will probably be left in the bag and never actually used but at least I have it if I need it. I'm gonna write a list of the bits I've packed and if you think i've missed anything please let me know.

First of all how cute is my bag? It's from Hunkemoller, they actually specialise in Lingerie but also stock other bits like bags, sportswear and much more. I thought the striped trolley bag would be perfect as my hospital bag as it's quite big so I can fit everything inside but it also has wheels aswell as two decent sized straps. Clint will probably be wheeling it along anyway but it will make it so much easier to bring over to the maternity unit. The bag is also waterproof and the quality is amazing, it's really sturdy and thick so no need to worry about overpacking.

Here's what I've packed inside the bag:

Hospital notes and birth plan 

shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste & brushes, deodrant, lipbalm, face wash, dry shampoo, water spray, carex refreshing wipes, tissues, nipple cream, micellar water, cotton pads, day cream.
One of the compartments of my toiletry bag actually detaches so i've tried to put things I will need during labor and things for the shower in here so I can easily bring that part with me instead of taking the whole bag. 

Make up - I probably won't put any on but i've packed a BB cream, brow pencil, mascara and concealer just incase I feel up to it. It's nice to have the choice. 

Tangle Teezer, bobbles and hair grips

Maternity Pads - The bigger the better! 

Breast pads, I've popped a handful into my make up bag

Disposable briefs - easy to throw away and they are designed to fit the maternity pads easily inside. 

Nursing Bras - I have a couple from Bravado, read my review here 

Flip flops - for the shower

Slippers and socks - apparently your feet can get cold, slippers for walking around. 

Nightdresses - I've packed two, a strappy one ( thats old and I don't mind throwing away) 
A nightshirt, I thought this might make breastfeeding easier as I can undo the buttons.

Comfy Clothes - For going home, I've packed a few pairs of comfy knickers, some maternity leggings and a baggy top. 

My Water Bottle - easy to drink out of when lying down. 

My Camera - I want to try and film as much of the birth and have some pictures to remember everything. My camera is right by the bags however I will give this to Clint or my mom once we are in labour.

I might bring my birthing ball and pregnancy pillow with my for labour.

I still need to get some Lucozade drinks and some snacks, these will probably be in Clints bags as will any chargers, phones etc so it's all safe and he can get to everything easily instead of messing up my bag. 

I haven't packed a dressing gown as i've heard you should bring a lightweight one and I feel like I wont use it and it will be a waste. What do you think ? 

Is there anything else I've missed? What must haves did you use during labour? 

* this post contains pr samples,  I have not been paid for this post, this post is honest and my own opinions.


I thought it might be quite fun to talk about what I do on a day to day basis as my life is pretty much about to change in every way possible. If you didn't know ( WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ? ) i'm pregnant and my baby is due pretty much any day now. We are due on the 4th November but I have a feeling she is going to make an early entrance. Once little bubba is here pretty much everything is going to change, I will have a little person that I have to look after every second of every day.

I'm currently on maternity leave so I've had lots of time to work on my blog and catch up with friends, I've even been watching a few seasons of Gossip Girl on Netflix.

I usually start by waking up and checking my phone, i'll scroll through everything Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, check my emails and Snapchat before getting up and ready for the day.

Once i'm up i'll pop the kettle on and make my breakfast, I've been loving Coco Pops throughout pregnancy. I usually have toast or a bagel with a cup of tea. Another look at my phone and whats going on in the world before getting ready.

My dressing table is in my bedroom and usually i'll watch a few Youtube videos or listen to some music on Spotify whilst I get ready. Once my make up is all done and my hair is straight I go and pick out an outfit and get dressed.

Then it's time to think about blogging and how i'm going to spend the day. I write a lot of lists and will usually try and plan out what blog posts i'm going to write. I'll reply to any emails and spend time working on my blog whether that's writing a product review, taking photos for my blog or I could have an outfit to feature so Clint and I might pop out to take some outfit snaps.

Sometimes i'll go and meet a friend for a coffee in town or have a chilled day at home, as I said i've been watching Netflix, right now i'm watching Gossip Girl. I'm nearly finished season 2, it's soo good.

I'll usually keep an eye on my emails throughout the day via my phone but if there's any important ones i'll pop my laptop back on and reply to a few emails. On the evening's I try and keep them free so I can chill out with Clint. We love watching films and will usually watch a film on Netflix.

As you can see I spend alot of time on my laptop and on my phone so it's really important that I have good broadband. We don't have any problems with our internet and as I said above I use it alot! It's great when were watching our programmes and films online, we don't get any buffering. It's really fast when i'm browsing my social media apps and even uploading videos to Youtube doesn't take me very long at all. Check out what packages Talk Talk Business have to offer.

And that's pretty much it, I love having a nice hot bath and unwinding. get my pj's on and ready for bed. I've been reading a few pregnancy books before bed to relax and get myself ready for bed. I've also been thinking about Christmas alot as it's just around the corner. I've been writing lists and browsing on my phone looking for the perfect gifts for our friends and family. I think were going to be doing most of our Christmas shopping online this year as I really don't fancy doing my Christmas shopping and battling the crowds with a new born baby.

How much do you use your internet at home? Do you use the internet to upload videos and watch films at home like us? Or do you just do abit of online shopping and Skype your family and friends? Use the hashtag #BroadbandandMe to share how important decent internet speeds are to you and what you use your internet for when your at home.

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Today's post is an outfit post featuring Clint. We have teamed up with Boohoo Men this season and will be sharing a few of Clint's top picks from the website. 

We had a pretty chilled out Sunday today and went round to Clints parents house for a little while. We've just got home and we've been organizing the flat to get it all ready for the babies arrival. She's due in about 3 weeks so it's getting very real now. 

He's picked out this skinny fit waffle hooded tracksuit in Grey and teamed it with this muscle fit black t-shirt for a casual everyday look. The tracksuit fits really well and is a really nice quality. It's a nice lightweight material and has a waffle texture to it. It's also available in Navy and Black. 

This outfit will be perfect for when were taking the baby on walks to the park or just having a relaxing Sunday afternoon and Clint just wants to be comfortable. The tracksuits are really affordable and as I said above the quality is really good. Boohoo have a huge selection of joggers and tracksuits in lots of different styles and colours so there's something for everyone.  

The Black t-shirt is actually from a pack of two, they are both very nice quality and really affordable. If you are after some nice basics i'd really recommend checking Boohoo out because they have a huge selection of t-shirts in lots of different colours and fits. 

Clint has picked out a few more pieces from Boohoo and we will feature them very soon so keep your eyes peeled for more outfit posts from Clint.

* this post contains pr samples, i have not been paid for this post. the post is my own opinions and honest


I'm now 37 weeks pregnant and it's all getting very real! We had discussions earlier on in the pregnancy about having a C-section around now but that's no longer the case but it's crazy to think that any time now our little bubba could make an appearance.

I've been having alot of twinges and aches and pains so i'm hoping that she will arrive this side of her due date as I really don't want to go overdue. I've had the bags half packed for a few weeks now but I went through and made sure i've got everything I think i'm going to need. 

I'm just going to list the items i've packed for bubba and I will do a separate blog post about the items i've packed for myself. 

My bag is a Cath Kidston bag, it's actually a changing bag. I got it from the Bicester Village outlet a few weeks ago, they no longer have this print online but here it is in a different pattern if you want to check it out. It's a lovely dark pink/berry colour and has a very pretty floral design. Inside you get two pouches one is actually a thermal pouch for food/ bottles and the other is for your nappies/wipes etc, you also get a portable changing mat which is handy. The bag is a nice size not too big and bulky but plenty of room for all the bits you need for bubba. 

Now onto the items i've packed inside the bag: 

Snowsuit - for the journey home
4 sleepsuits ( range of sizes 3x first size 1x newborn) 
4 vests ( 2x newborn 2x first size) 
2 hats ( 1x wool 1x jersey)
Scratchmits- Just incase we need them, however most of the sleepsuits have them built in
2x muslin squares 
comforter / toy 
nappies (i've packed about 12) 
wipes - I know you are not meant to use wipes on newborns but our midwife recommended them for that first poo as sometimes cotton wool just isn't enough. Also they are handy for any spillages etc
Cotton Wool
Nappy Bags
Blankets - Bubba is due Nov 4th so I expect it to be quite chilly. I've got 3 blankets ready by my hospital bags and will see what one is most suitable on the actual day depending on the weather. We can always bring them all and just leave them in the car so we have them for the trip home. 

I plan on breast feeding so I haven't packed any bottles or milk for this reason. Obviously if you plan on bottle feeding you would need to pack some form of milk. You can buy little ready-made starter packs that they recommend using for the hospital. 

I haven't packed any dummies as I don't plan on using them however we do have a few so I might just chuck one in - just incase. 

Can you think of anything i've missed? What products did you pack for baby? 


It finally feels like Autumn!! We went for a lovely stroll (check out my outfit pictures here)  in the park and picked conkers the other day and then came home and carved pumpkins. We've done it abit early this year as bubba is due early November but I feel like she might make an early entrance and I didn't wanna miss out carving my pumpkins. I did this spooky face, it was meant to be a cat but it just looks like a creepy face and Clint did a Wolf from Game of Thrones which I think looks really good. 

We love watching scary films, with a blanket over us and lots of sweets and snacks to enjoy? How do you get ready for Halloween?  

Homesense have got LOADS!! of really cool Halloween decorations and home bits so if your having a Halloween party or even just want a few decorations for your house you need to head down to Homesense. 

They also have a gorgeous selection of autumnal interiors and furnishings. I saw lots of beautiful throws and blankets in really lovely oranges and yellows. Also if you love a good candle then they have such a huge selection of autumn scents to choose from. I just picked up this little Cinnamon Orange candle jar as it was about £2 and smelled so good! I've got lots of candles so i'm trying to resist buying any new ones.  

The 'Trick' 'Treat' banner was also from Homesense they had a few different designs and they are really affordable. I think this one was about £4 and I think they look fab! You could save them and use them year after year too! 

I also got the Trick or Treat plaque from Homesense, it actually lights up and was only £4.99 and is a really nice little decoration that isn't too in your face. Again you can get this out year after year. They have so many bits and pieces to choose from. They have a gorgeous selection of ceramic pumpkins and some really creepy looking snow globes with ghosts and skeletons inside. 

How cute is this little Halloween mug, I couldn't leave it behind and I will use it for big hot chocolates with lots of cream and marshmellows! I went for the cat one as I'm a big cat person but they had lots of really nice designs to pick from. 

I think thats everything I got from Homesense this year, head down and check out their Halloween selection for this year as it's very impressive and they have so much to choose from, if you are having a party they have lots of different things and it's really affordable and unique so would really recommend checking them out. 

Our house is all ready for Halloween now i've also got out my little pumpkin and my skeleton bowl from last year and we've carved our pumpkins so we can just get the scary films out now and wait for this baby to make an appearance. 

I actually got the cute little pumpkin marshmellows from Homesense too, they were just too cute!!

* Homesense kindly sent me a voucher to go and pick out a few bits from their Halloween range. I have not been paid for this blog post and the post is honest and my own opinions. 


 Dress: New Look Maternity 
Bag: Accessorize 
Necklace: Lovisa 
Boots: Primark 

We decided to go for a little stroll in the park today, I really wanted to get some photos of the bump now shes getting bigger. We only have about 4 weeks left so it won't be around for much longer. 
We picked some conkers and had a nice slow walk around the park. My mom got me this dress from the New Look maternity range, I think it was actually in the sale. It's such a comfy dress but you could easily dress it up or down. I think it looks so cute with my leopard print bag from Accessorize. 

I spent this week getting bubba's clothes washed and ready for her arrival. Clint has put the Next To Me up so thats ready and my bags are pretty much all packed and ready to go. We have transferred our care to a different hospital this week. We live pretty much in the middle of two hospitals and because we were having alot of scans and appointment it was easier to just leave it at the one thats slightly closer even though I wanted to have her at the other hospital. Our growth scans have been going really well and she's now above the line ( she was hovering on the line previously) we have one more growth scan so we managed to get all swapped over. They were also talking about us possibly having a C-section but I don't think this is the case now, I think we are going to be left to go into labour naturally which i'm so happy about.

The back pain is real and i've been struggling over the last few weeks. I'm so glad I finished work when I did, I've had a couple of weeks holiday and last week was my first week of maternity leave. It's been nice to relax and not worry about getting everything done because I know I have time. I've been watching Gossip Girl on Netflix and watching lots of youtube videos. I haven't blogged as much as i'd liked but my motivation hasn't been great. I've been feeling really hungry and exhausted over the past few days. The heartburn is still here and very uncomfortable. I've also been having some braxton hicks and lightning pains so I think shes getting ready for her arrival. So i've found the last few weeks hard as i'm struggling to get comfy. I'm still sleeping pretty well, a good 8-9 hours a night and just get up about 3/4 times for the toilet. 

We are both very excited for her arrival, i'm so excited to have Clint at home with me for a few weeks. We are just making the most of the next few weeks together. We've just been out for some food and we plan to go the cinema later in the week and I want to go on a few more walks together. 



We love going on holiday, we actually haven't had a holiday this year because we've been trying to save money as we have a baby on the way. I think we will book a couple of holidays for next year hopefully one before the summer holidays and maybe a winter sun holiday. It will be so exciting to go away on our first holiday with our baby. 

We usually book a week away for around this time of year to get away and find some sun.  I love heading off to the Canaries as the weather is great all year round! We have been to nearly all of the Canary Islands, they are one of my favourite places to go and we will be heading there next year as I think it's the perfect destination to take the baby as it has good weather is isn't too far away, it's about 4ish hours on the plane. 

One of my favourite places in the Canary Islands is Gran Canaria, it's such a beautiful island with lots of gorgeous flowers around, pretty white buildings and sandy beaches. I really like Puerto Mogan which is one of the little market towns on the island. We've been there a few times to visit the market and to see all the amazing boats in the harbor. 

Spending time at the beach or by the pool just relaxing and reading a few books is how I like to spend my holiday. There's some really lovely beaches in Gran Canaria, my favourite is Amadores Beach. We usually stay in the Amadores area so we are close to the beach, the location is really good as you are right around the corner from Puero Rico which is where the nightlife, restaurants and shops are.

Are you planning on getting away this Winter and need some help picking a destination? Check out the Destinations page on Holiday Gems to get lots of ideas on places to go this season. 

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It was my baby shower yesterday so I thought i'd share a few pictures from the day. I thought it would be nice to document the day on my blog so I can look back at it but also so people who are planning a baby shower can get a few tips and ideas.

We did it on a Sunday afternoon as I felt this would be a good day for most people who work Monday to Friday,  on the invite I said from 3pm onwards so there was no pressure for everyone to arrive at 3 but most people came between 3-4 which was good. We had a few people who came abit later due to work commitments but as I work in retail I was expecting this to happen.

The day was pretty casual, I just wanted people to have a good time, eat some food and have a drink and mingle. We organised a few games but there was no obligation to play them and they were just dotted around for people to have a go. We did stick the dummy on the baby which went down well!
We also did Guess what's in the Nappy and Guess the baby food, These were good because people could play if they wanted to and they could do so at their own pace.

We also had some areas for people to leave messages for us, my mom had seen an idea on pinterest where people write on nappies so you have some fun messages to read when your changing the babies bum. We also had a little station with prediction cards and some note paper for people to leave messages, I think I'm going to make a little scrapbook of my baby shower and include these in here.

We had lots of amazing buffet food and my mom made my amazing cake and she also made the cupcakes. We had sandwiches, pizza, sausage rolls, and your usual party food, snacks, sweets etc. We wasn't sure if people would be drinking alcohol or not, apparently people don't usually drink at baby showers because the mom can't drink but it didn't bother me so we bought some wine, we did Prosecco with elderflower cordial which went down well and lots of soft drinks like juice, coke and more. I wanted to make a mocktail but we didn't have time in the end.

As you can see we had lots of decorations balloons, bunting, pom poms so everywhere was very pink. Everyone was really impressed with the decorations and it looked fab. My mom also made a nappy cake which was a really lovely gift idea as well as a gorgeous decoration.

We were very spoilt and my lovely friends and family went crazy with the presents, cards, balloons and vouchers and we are all very lucky and blessed to have such amazing people in our lives and bubba is one lucky and very well loved baby already. We had lots of amazing gifts and I have no idea where everything is going to go, little bubba has lots of clothes, toys and I don't think we will ever need to buy bubble bath, baby lotion or shampoo.

I need to get some Thank You cards for people to thank them all for their generosity. I also need to thank my amazing momma for pretty much organizing everything and making the amazing cake. Clint was amazing too, he was around in the morning to help us with food and last minute decorations and ended up staying all day he took photos and made sure everyone's drinks were topped up and he made sure I was eating and drinking. The day was quite overwhelming and we had alot of people in the house and I did struggle a little with being stood up and mingle-ing but I think we managed and i'm sure everyone had a lovely day.