REVIEW : Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer with swatche

Apocalips RRP £5.99 
Currently on 3 for 2 at boots

 I just had to jump on the apocalips bandwagon and with rimmel being on 3 for 2 it seemed rude not to pick up a couple or 3 ;) I got Luna, Nova and Nude Eclipse. 

Nude Eclipse is a lovely nude/ browny pink shade. Its very cute and I just love it. It is my favourite out of the Apocalips collection. The formula is like that of a lipgloss but it leaves a very moist and shiny colour but it feels like a lipstick. Its long lasting and doesn't smell or taste nasty. 

Luna is more of a coral colour, its really nice and not too orange once you apply it to the lips. I really like this shade and think its a nice everyday shade because its still quite neutral once its applied. 

Nova is PINK, its a lovely bright pink. I do love a nice pink for when I go out or if I feel like wearing a lippy. Brighton Rock from the Topshop range is one of my fave pinks and this is very similar its just abit darker. so If your looking for a dupe but from a gloss I would go for this. 

What do you think of the Apocalips range have you tried them yet? 
I love Rimmel's lip range! I love the Kate Moss Lippies and now Apocalips ! 

Amy x 


Unknown said...

Even though it looks a little gloopey (sp) on the images I may have to make a detour to boots tomorrow to test one out!

Chloe said...

I've been wanting to buy these since the craze about them became public! but i honestly don't know what one to actually get - all the colours look awesome but just picking one is a tough decision :P probs need to save some money to buy a couple :P

Kylie said...

I brought celestial an dam in love ;)
Great review, lovely clear pictures

Unknown said...

LOVING the colors!
I def. would purchase one of these!