Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover

I bought this ages ago and never reviewed it ! I've been sorting through some bits recently because i've been doing abit of selling and remembered I wanted to review this. 

Honestly I'm not a fan! I really wanted to try some of the Botanics range after some recommendations and picked up this and their cream make up remover. I wear alot of eye make up so I decided to pick up both products. 

I've read a few reviews on this product since buying it and I believe boots have changed the formula and people that used this product before are the ones who notice because this product isn't 'SOOTHING' It actually really stings my eyes. Now I have rather sensitive eyes but so do most people and this product shouldn't sting your eyes, especially since the packaging says 'soothing' 
I've found that using this product makes my eyes really sore and doesn't really remove much of my make up and leaves around my eyes really greasy and oily. Also in the morning I would wake up with crusty and sore eyes. 

I've stopped using this product and now use the Micellar water from Superdrug that I reviewed the other day. 

Have you tried this product and had similar or different effects , let me know :) 

Amy x 


Jess | The Indigo Hours said...

This sounds so promising and the packaging is lovely, shame it doesn't work for you! I hate removers that leave your eyes feeling oily :(

Jesss xo

Charli blogs said...

I hated that they changed so many of their products :( the original eyemakeup remover was my fave...
Charli @


Vicki said...

I really didn't like this product either. I bought it last May & it took me so long to use it up.
I found its so greasy and I hated putting it anywhere near my eyes. I will not repurchase this. I always go back to my Garnier one.

Elizabeth Daisy. said...

Thanks for the honest review lovely :) The one product I don't own is make-up remover - I rely on a good cleanser, toner and tightening serum from Dr Jart+ pore refine range. But sometimes the liquid eyeliner is a damn nuisance to remove so I'm in need a good eye make-up remover!

Eda x