REVIEW : Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm

 Buy Here at QVC : RRP £32 for 100ml

I picked this up at the QVC beauty bash. I was lucky enough to get two 15 ml sample pots and my mom got two aswell which we are currently in cohorts about me buying off her ;) 
I got the lovely flannel as well which is acutally two sided; the one side is flannel and the other side is a muslin cloth which is amazing and allows you to remove the balm and then use the muslin side to get rid of the dead skin and scrub the more congested areas. 
The packing is lovely and very expensive looking :) It has a screw on lid. 
The 15ml pot is a nice little size sample for travelling; for example when I stay at dans this is ideal to just pop in my make up bag. This sample size has lasted me just over a week and thats after using is every morning and night. You only need about a £1 - £2 piece dollop and work this into the skin by mixing into a paste with water. It removes make up and doesn't irritate the eyes. If your buying this I would recommend buying the cloth aswell or buying some muslin cloths because its really hard to wash off because its like an oil so you will need a cloth to remove it. 
The balm removes the dirt and dead skin from your face and leaves it feeling so soft and clean it's such a lovely product, I've heard so many people rave on about the Emma Hardie range and now I see why. Its amazing - This is now a product that I use every single day. Hopefully my little samples last me a few weeks. I'll probably buy this from QVC if I can't find it cheaper else where because you can pay in two £16 instalments. I've noticed my skin feels cleaner and is glowing since using this product. I think instead of using this daily I will now use this every other day and use my new No 7 cleansing brush on the days in between with my clarisonic cleansing gel. 

I think £32 is abit out of my price range. I prefer more affordable products but this is a lovely product to have and sometimes its nice to add a little bit of luxury to your bathroom and will defiantly repurchase this.

what do you think? Is £32 too much for a cleanser or have you fell in love with this too ? 

Amy  x 

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Heidi-likes said...

this looks great as a treat, £32 is pricey but if it works then it's worth it :)