B. Pure Micellar Water from Superdrug

B.Pure Micellar Water £3.99 (introductory price) - Superdrug 

I picked this up last weekend when I was buying a few bits and pieces in superdrug, the lady at the till told me it was on offer and so I picked it up and just chucked it in the basket without really knowing what it was. If your not aware B. is superdrugs new own brand of make up and skin care and it's only arrived in stores this january! I had a look at the make up but nothing really caught my eye. This Micellar water is supposed to be very similar to Bioderma. I haven't used Bioderma personally but I have read a few reviews on this product since buying it that say it feels the same. I never jumped on the Bioderma bandwagon just because I thought it was quite expensive but i've heard its coming to the UK so hopefully I will be able to pick it up without much expense.

I really like this product, its light and easily removes make up and impurities. I have found that i'm using loads and loads of cotton wool pads.
This product states to :

Cleanse - removes impurities and make up and its gentle enough for the eyes, I agree with all of this. Its a gentle product and hasn't hurt my eyes like previous eye make up remover products have.

Tone- Restores PH balance whilst keeping skin subtle. I think this is a nice toner and leaves skin soft.

Refreshes- with cucumber juice extract. I agree its refreshing and doesn't have any nasty or chemical smells.

This product is also Cruetly Free again animal testing which is great !

For £3.99 I was glad I picked it up and I really want to try out some other Micellar water from other brands now.

Amy x 

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Amie H said...

The makeup hasn't caught my eye yet but this sounds like a lovely product! May give it a go if I see it in Superdrug soon :) xx