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I picked these bathbombs up at The custard cream event at the custard factory last week and I really couldn't wait to use them. I've actually used both of my bath bombs already :( and I love them and couldn't wait to let you guys know what I thought! 

Firstly ! How cute do they look ? I posted a picture of my green one (lime ) on instagram and people thought they were real cupcakes because they do look very tasty! I love the little paper-cases and I think the design of the Soapy Jones cards and stickers are lovely and very professional. 

These bath bombs are actually very different to ones i've used previously. The base section is the actual bath bomb which fizzes away when you put it in water and then the top section is a bath melt, which melts away in your bath or you can melt it into your hands but its filled with lovely moisturising cocoa butter leaving your skin soft and smelling great!

I think these are lovely products and would be great as presents! I paid £3 for two at the vintage fair but they retail at £4.95 each on the website but I think they are defiantly worth it because they are huge ! and handmade - I would prefer to buy of these than a similar product from LUSH because I love how individual and special these are because they are handmade by someone who lives here in the west midlands :) 

To use take out of the paper case, remove the top and crumble it under running water then drop the base into your warm bath.

I haven't used my soaps yet but i'm really excited about trying them out because I am a fan of handmade soaps :) 

To buy some of these amazing soaps or bath bombs visit the Soapy Jones website here.
They have loads of information about the products they sell and they tell you the methods in which they make their products too! They also have a blog so check that out here :) 

Amy x

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Sophielou said...

ooooh that cake bath bomb looks incredible! xxx