Whats in my make up bag

I've seen a few whats in my make up bag posts and videos recently and decided to do my own. It actually was a lot longer than i expected and I'm only just learning how to use imovie and was struggling to cut areas without it looking all messy so cut made it into two videos in the end. 
If you want to know anymore information about any of the products I mention then just comment here or email me. 
I had alot of fun putting these videos together. I had to keep retrying to film it because I was sneezing, knocking the camera over and Bella decided to jump off my wardrobe onto me so yeah filming this was difficult. 
Also it sounds like I'm dying thats my cold :( I'm full of flu errg and all sneezy ! 
I really hope you guys like this video and I really want to start filming regular videos so give me some ideas of the types of videos you like 

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