Loreal Nude Magique CC Cream - Anti-Fatigue

 LOreal Nude Magique CC Cream Anti-Fatigue: RRP £9.99 

I heard loads of things about the launch of LOreal's CC creams so I was really excited when I spotted this in Superdrug the other day. They only had the Anti-fatigue one left and this probably would have been the one I chose. The others are anti-dullness and anti-redness, and I think I might try these out.

I don't really know what to think about the Anti-Fatigue because its really really orange. If you look at my hand where i've rubbed it into my face its like fake tan. I had a mark around the top of my head even though I had rubbed it in, I looked so orange (like an umpalumpa) and I couldn't leave the house with just this on. I decided to apply my foundation on top of the cream and fix any ORANGE bits and I liked the outcome. My skin looked good and it created a nice base for my foundation and I felt my skin was glowing and awake which is the idea behind the product but I felt abit self-concious about the orange-ness!

I have been using this under my foundation and I think it works well because I use powder foundation so it mattes the cream- I think using this product and then applying a translucent powder may work well however this cream didn't do anything for me alone and I wouldn't recommend it as a foundation. The packaging states 'transform into foundation on application weightless bare skin sensation' I don't agree with this. You can definatly feel it on your face and I couldn't use it as a foundation.

I do like this product and think its works when I'm wearing foundation on top. I may consider trying the others as they are lilac and green colouring and I doubt they would create this orange tone

I love the Lumi-magique primer from Loreal so really had high hopes for this but I wasn't really impressed :( and I wouldn't buy it again

Amy xx 

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Anonymous said...

what a great review..but I thins it's better to take yout before photo too..
well done, I'm really want to try this cc cream soon