MAC Angel and Creme D' Nude

I mentioned the other day in my Valentines Day Post that Daniel was buying me a MAC lipstick :) Well he bought me two :) He got me Angel and Creme D'Nude. I love them both so much and then I got another two MAC lippies in a blog sale for £5 each = Bargainn! so now I have 4 Mac lipsticks YAY !
What shades do you think I should get next ?

Amy x


Chloe said...

these look lovely! & that is so sweet your boyfriend got you two mac lipsticks for V day :) & very jealous you got two lipsticks for £5 each haha :P

really want one or two but don't know what one's i want to choose :P


Unknown said...

Syrup is a really lovely flattering one a sort of glossy sheer plum, and hang up is a nice deep berry. For pinks I love Lovelorn xx