Birmingham Vintage Fair

On Saturday I went along to the Birmingham Vintage Fair at The Custard Factory in Digbeth. It was a really good day and there was loads of stalls to visit selling vintage clothing, jewellery, home ware to more modern styles of jewellery and accessories.
The fair wasn't too big so there wasn't loads of stalls all selling the same things. The stalls sold very unique items, I especially liked the jewellery and the reworked pieces. I love levi shorts and tartan shirts and this was a great place to get things like this at bargain prices. There were so many different handbags at the fair as well. The fair was just really great and everyone was so nice :) 
There was some really cute little kitsch style necklaces and rings and then some really cute shabby chic style ones, it was lovely to see such a range of different styles there. I spotted some amazing sun glasses and I had to try a bowler hat on ! And then at the end there was a little tea room where you could sit down and have some cake and tea :) It was a really fun day and was really nice to visit The custard Factory as I haven't been there in a while. 
The Custard Factory also had it's Custard Cream event on which they hold every Saturday where they have an extra 20+ Stalls all selling vintage and handmade goodies and this was really good to visit too !


char said...

I reeally need to take a trip to the custard factory!

appletoothpaste said...

i went to this on my 19th birthday, so must have been 3 years ago now (scary!) i'm really glad to see that it looks like it's improved in quality, i'd love to go again someday! x

Unknown said...

Wish I went is it on all the time? Or is the one you mentioned every Saturday this one? Xx