Betty Crocker Red Velvet Cake Mix

 I've always wanted to try Red Velvet Cupcakes so I picked up this mix (I know I cheated) and made some cupcakes. I just followed the recipe as it says on the box but baked them in paper cases instead of cake tins and cooked for 25 mins.
The Cream Cheese style icing comes separately and you don't get any icing mix with the cake mix or any paper cases!
The cake mix and cream cheese icing cost me about £5 and I made 12 Cupcakes.
They were lovely the sponge was perfect and so bouncy and really tasty! The cream cheese icing was lovely and didn't make me feel sick and wasn't too sweet! My dad loved them too!
Me and dan sat there eating them all, I would defiantly recommend this mix if you want to try out the Red Velvet cakes


Jess | The Indigo Hours said...

These look gorgeous!
Box mixes like this are a great way to try out new recipes :) I love baking.

Jesss xo

Zoe said...

They look so good!
Zoe, x

Unknown said...
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Gemma Eales said...

you're making me hungry!i still need to try red velvet cake :( they look so yummy! xx

Hyacinth Marius said...

These look delicious! I really can't get enough of red velvet anything!
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