My Beauty Wishlist

I'm on my spending ban still and I have been good. I've been buying food because i've just been lazy! I did bring a packed lunch a few times though :) and I may have bought the No7 Cleansing Brush woops
But only because its £15 instead of £25 so i'm actually saving myself money in the long run ;)
This is a couple of things that have caught my eye recently, theres loads more things I want aswell.
I've wanted coralista for agesss! i've recently become a huge fan of benefit. I would love to work there. The Nars blushers are really good and I'd like a pink shade :) I've started taming my eyebrows and would like to find a gel like the eyeko one. I really want to buy the little set of benefit moisturisers/ eye cream etc its like £10, I'm just waiting for my spending ban to be over. I have about £10 in boots points should I buy it ?? Boots points i'snt actually spending ;)


Vicki said...

I have heard some really great things about the No7 Cleansing Brush. I have had the Benefit Coralista Blush on my wishlist for so long. I think its such a great spring colour.

Unknown said...

The NARS blush looks incredible! I bought the coralista blush and I love it :) xxx