Premae Skincare Balance Rescue Face Tonique

I got this sample of the Balance Rescue Face Tonique from Premae Skincare in my goody bag from the   
#birminghambloggersmeetup. My skins been really bad recently and i've been suffering with breakouts. I thought this would be a really good time to get this out. I've been using it before applying my make up and before I go to bed for about a week and I've noticed my skin has calmed down a bit and I've found its getting less greasy throughout the day.
I think this is a great product for those of us with combination skin because many products out there are very harsh but this isn't. It's an Alcohol free solution and doesn't dry the skin out . 
I love how fresh and natural its feels and smells, the fragrance of rose, lemongrass and other oils are lovely and make your skin breathe ! I love the smell and how you can feel this working away at your skin. 
I really like this product. I think the only issue with it is .. I don't think it would last very long! 

Its £17.50 for 100ml - My sample size is 30 ml and i've used it about 5 times so on average the 100ml should last around 15 uses which is about 2 weeks. I don't think i've noticed a massive improvement to my skin and wouldn't pay £17.50 every two weeks 

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