What I've been buying

 bath bombs 2 for £3 and the heart soap £1 

 Roberto Cavalli - Just Cavalli 30ml- RRP:£29.50 
B. Pure Micellar Water - Superdrug £3.99
Look Beauty Make Me Blush in Flirt - £5 
MUA Undress Me Too Palette Superdrug - £4
Loreal Nude Magique Anti-Fatigue CC cream. Superdrug- £9.99

So I picked up the bath bombs at the Vintage fair on Saturday and then headed into Birmingham which was a huge mistake !!! I spent far too much money that I don't have. 
I went into Superdrug to buy the New MUA Pallette and ended up leaving with a couple of extra things, I picked up the Look Blush because it was only £5 and I'm yet to try any of the Look Beauty Range and I picked up the Loreal CC cream because I really like the idea of it being anti-fatigue and wanted to see if it works. And then I picked up this cleanser water because it was at the counter and the lady asked if i wanted to buy one so I did :/ Its superdrug's new range and it was £3.99 and will be going up to £5.99 so I thought why not? 
I then bought the Roberto Cavalli fragrance from the Fragrance shop because I smelled it the other day in Debenhams and fell in love with it and then I saw there was a 20% off voucher on my o2 moments App so it was like £23.60 which I thought was reasonable. 

So yeah as you can tell my spending ban absolutely failed miserably and now I have no money :) 


Unknown said...

I really want that new MUA pallet.

Emine Pasa

Unknown said...

I really like the MUA palette's !
My friend in the UK sent me one for Christmas ad it has amazing saturation.

xoxo Emari

Kirsty said...

I love the soaps! and I want to try the new MUA palette, I have undressed and use it nearly everyday x


Unknown said...

I really want the undress me too palette im going to pick it up at the weekend i hope:) Will you be reviewing the water stuff? Iv heard its similar to bioderma? xx