Blog Role #1

These are three of my all time favourite blogs. I've been wanting to put together a blog love/ blog role type post for a while and want to make it regular, I'm always coming across new blogs and would love to share them with everyone. - Islaay is lovely :) I talk to her on twitter and I love her nail art :) I follow her on instagram too so I can see all her lovely nail designs. She does some pretty amazing designs that I wish I could do ! so check out her blog :) - I love Helen's blog ! I love her outfit posts! They are so casual but really nice and pretty and I just love that outfits that she puts together. - Rebecca's blog is really good but dangerous ! She's always buying amazing products and lots of MAC ! And she writes amazing reviews with really good photos.  I buy so many products just because I've seen them on Rebecca's blog ! 

So heres my little mini blog role - Go and follow these fabulous ladies :) 

Amy x


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Anonymous said...

Aw bless you for including me in this :D So glad you like my blog but I don't apologise for making you buy things as I'm exactly the same with other blogs including yours! I also love Islay and Helen's blogs so you've obviously got good taste ;););) haha, thanks again! xxxxxxxxx