Here's a few tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a budget, I will include a few fitness tips too on how you can keep fit on a budget too

1. Plan your meals, by planning meals you won't waste as much food. Write a shopping list based on your list and use up any veg/ salad before buying more.

2. Buy frozen veg, I tend to use frozen veg as this is just as good as the fresh stuff but it lasts alot longer so again no waste.

3. Don't go shopping hungry! Shopping is a great workout as you get lots of steps in but if your snacking all the way round then its pointless so have food before heading to the supermarket.

4. We shop at Tesco and always get vouchers and coupons in the post so make sure you have your coupons ready before you get to the till so you don't forget. The self scanners in Tesco are also a great way to keep track on what your spending as you scan as you walk around the supermarket.

5. Drink Plenty of water. Water actually makes you feel full and stops you getting dehydrated. You will be more productive if you are hydrated.

6. Cut out those coffees from the coffee shop and bring your own drinks to work. You can get sugar-free syrups from most supermarket so make your own and see how much you save.

7. Bring your own lunch to work. I always do my own lunch, My favourite lunch is a sweet potato jacket, you can get these in the freezer section of your supermarket. They take about 6 mins in the microwave. I fill my plate with lots of lovely salad and beans, and it keeps me full till dinner time.

Here's a few fitness on a budget tricks.

8. Youtube is a great source for videos, tutorials etc so Check out youtube for workouts don't waste money on fitness DVD's

9. If you'd rather use a fitness DVD buy them 2nd hand from charity shops or CEX

10. Walk the dog, run up and down the stairs, do the vacuuming. You don't need a fancy gym membership to burn those calories.

11. Most gyms offer free day passes or sometimes week passes. Check out your local gyms websites and see what offers they have. Sometimes they have a bring a friend day so see if your friend who goes the gym would mind bringing you along.

For more ideas and tips on how to stay healthy on a budget check out this video below by My Voucher Codes

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