Can you believe we've had our own flat for over a year now! It's gone so fast and it's been so good.

Today I thought i'd share a few tips for first time renters for when you move into your property as sometimes it's hard knowing what you need to do.

1. Moving Day can be very stressful so being organised will help so much, when packing you want to have boxes for each room which I know sounds obvious but we had a few random boxes and these sat in the spare room for a while as we needed to sort them whereas the kitchen stuff and living room stuff all went away straightaway because it was in it's own box. We had the kitchen stuff in the car with us when we went to pick the keys up so we could make a cup of tea for people helping us move. We also brought the bed first as even if the flat was full of boxes at least we could sleep in our bed.

2. Cleaning the flat before you bring all your boxes and rubbish in makes it easier so we just brought the bed and a few kitchen bits and the vacuum with us and got the flat nice and clean before we started bringing boxes in.

3. Write up an inventory, our flat is part furnished so there's a few bits that were left here so we wrote up these things so when we move out we can make sure these are back where they belong. For example the sofa had cushions left on it but I had already brought cushions so i've popped the cushions into our airing cupboard but when I go through the inventory I will know they belong here.

4. Get a spare set of keys cut, we have the original set in the flat and both have a set of keys, we could do with getting a replacement key set cut incase either of us ever loose ours. Also make sure that the your lock system is secure and in working order, check out for a huge selection of locks and a fast key cutting service.

5.Take photos of damage or marks etc. On the first day when the flat is still empty you want to go round with your camera and a note pad and list any marks and take photos so if there is any issues when your moving out you have proof that these were already there. In our flat theres a mark in the spare room on the carpet and theres a broken leg in one of the kitchen cupboards but we have photos of these

These are just a few little tips if your about to move into your first rented property.

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