As we live in a small 2 bedroom apartment we don't really have room for me to have a whole office space however we have utilized our spare room into a dressing room/ office space. We have our big sliding wardrobes and a chest of drawers along with my desk space.

We picked up this desk from Ikea, it's small but it's the perfect size for the room and it has plenty of room for my laptop and a few note books.  I have a little stool which isn't ideal, really I could do with a more comfortable chair with a bit more support. Office Furniture For Work Online - Furniture At Work™ have a lot of choice when it comes to office chairs.

This peg board was from Primark and it was really cheap, it's handy for any notes or meetings. I sometimes stick blog post ideas onto it! I think a board like this is really handy to pop notes on but it also can be really motivating. I like to stick motivational quotes onto mine so if I'm struggling I can have a read through some of the quotes. I've also stuck a few cute snaps of Clint and myself on here too. I always have a good selection of note books and pens nearby as I love writing lists. I write down blog post ideas as well as listing things I need to complete such as emails and admin stuff.  I got this 'To Do list' book for Christmas off my mom, I love it! It's so handy.

I also have my Yoga book and my Mindfulness journal close by in case I need a break from my work or if I get a bit stressed out I can take a step back and have a read through my journal or do a little bit of desk yoga, check out this video from Furniture at Work about Office Yoga at your desk.

I love my little workspace, sometimes I work in the living room or from bed but I always find i'm much more productive when i'm working from my desk space. I tend to get more done and feel more comfortable.

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