Is it just me or do you love to jump in the car and go on an adventure. Sometimes we like to go on a long journey like to weston for the day but sometimes we get in the car and drive round to our Local parks. We have a few that are not too far away from us, our favourite has to be Elmdon Park. It's a park and local nature reserve with lots of hills and amazing views.  The park is surrounded by industrial estates and Land Rover it's tucked away in the middle which I love. 

We tend to drive round to Elmdon park as it's a little bit far to walk. We love going for walks around the park, especially this time of year when it's crisp and we like to wrap up in our hats and coats and go for a nice stroll. There's a lake and streams which are so lovely, and freeze up and look so pretty this time of year and there's lots of wildlife there. 
There's lots of grass and there's paths and walks so there's lots to do, you can take the family and play some footy or walk the dogs. Because the park is a good distance from where we live I like jog there and then do some sprinting in the park and then I jog home again. It's always really calm and there's lots of hills, paths and benches(for me to rest haha) 

In the spring when the weather warms up a little we like to drive round to the park with a picnic and blanket and a portable speaker and just chill at the park and relax. The park has a safe car park which is actually by a church but be careful if you plan on leaving your car all day, make sure you remove any valuables from the car. Make sure your car is insured if your car gets broken into. have competitive prices and have lots of info on their website, their blog is also a great read. They are bringing out an Ebook which has Ireland's hidden drives which sounds like a good read if you plan on visiting Ireland or you live there and like to explore. We go on little strolls around the park. It's better in the summer when it's really hot and we can spend all day just chilling out. 

Wheres your favourite place to drive to? Do you have a hidden gem like ours? 

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