I've struggled with getting to sleep for a little while now and have a little routine and a few tips that help send me off to sleep. I thought i'd share these with you as I know it's very common to have trouble sleeping and getting to sleep.

1. Get yourself into a routine - your body produces Melatonin which is what makes you go to sleep. If you don't give your body time to wind down then you won't produce enough. Try not to go on your phone whilst in bed, the blue light also effects your levels of Melatonin. About an hour before you go to bed you should finish whatever you need to do on your phone. Have a wash and get into comfortable clothes so whatever you wear to bed and unwind so read a book or do some colouring, just relax. 

2. Have a bath, having a bath is another great way to unwind before bed. Get yourself some lovely bath bombs from Lush they have some really amazing scents that smell so good!

3. Below are some skincare bits that I use each night before bed and I feel this helps with my sleep. I love the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow spray, it has amazing reviews and smells lovely. You spray onto your pillow to help you sleep. I like the Vichy Skin Sleep* moisturiser as its a lovely night cream, it's not too thick and soaks into the skin really fast. I use this alongside my Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate* which makes your skin look and feel so good. This smells so nice aswell and always relaxes me.

4.  Is your bed comfortable? If not this is something you should sort out right away. If your not comfortable you can spend hours trying to get to sleep. Adjustamatic have a selection of a Adjustable beds that could be exactly what you need. Check out this video on how an uncomfortable bed can effect our sleeping pattern. 

5. If i'm really struggling to switch off I light my Neom Tranquility Candle about an hour before I go to bed. This smells so good and always helps me to sleep. You can get these little travel sizes for about £15.  

6. Sometimes worry can stop us from getting to sleep. If you find it hard to switch off your thoughts and you worry about things you should get yourself a nice new notepad and pen and have this by your bed. When you start to worry about something just write it down, leave it and worry about it tomorrow, give yourself time to go through your worries and do something about them.

I hope these tips help you get a better night sleep, i've been struggling again the last few nights but i've been using my phone in bed again and not giving myself time to unwind. I am going to make sure I give myself some time to relax and I don't think my pillows are that comfortable so I'm going to find some better ones, i've been reading up on these pillow reviews from The Dozy Owl I think one of these would definitely help me sleep better. 

* pr samples are marked with an asterisk
**collaborative post

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