It’s always feels nice when we get free stuff be it a magazine or winning a makeup giveaway. In the age of social media getting free stuff has now become simpler and made even more so by Twitter. Twitter makes it faster and easier to locate and keep track of freebies. I've won lots of twitter giveaways in the past from a pair of heels from River Island, a Clutch bag, Topshop vouchers, I've won tickets to events and many more. It's really easy so I thought i'd share a few tips below

1. Keep track of hashtags
A hashtag is a symbol that marks topics being talked about the most by the public. It makes it convenient to find tweets about specific issues. This simplifies the process of finding freebies on twitter. All you have to do is type in the hashtag #freebies in the search bar and you have access to all the freebies on twitter. You can use twitter clients such as TweetDeck and TweetGrid to keep track of tweets being posted with specific hashtags. You can also use Twitterfall which gives you a tweet stream that is related to certain key terms. With apps you have constant access to free goodies such as movie tickets and trial memberships from the comfort of your computer. With the use of a RSS (Rich Site Summary) reader or services like Twilert you can track all kinds of hashtag results and have them sent to a specific inbox at an hourly, daily or weekly rate.

2. Always follow brands on Twitter
 As a means of promoting themselves many brands usually have giveaways or offer discount coupons for limited periods of time. You can keep up by keeping an eye on brands through their social media account. I always do this if there is something i'd love to get buy can't afford to buy just now. I've been looking at a Fit Bit for the last few weeks but I already have one so don't really need to buy one however I keep entering giveaways on Twitter just incase I might win myself a shiny new one. This doesn’t only apply to brands but also certain accounts. These accounts specialize in tweeting about free things. A few recommended accounts include: @wowfreestuffwow, this a user friendly account that leads to a website with an active interface. It usually updates daily so there is always new free samples or free stuff added to there site. @Gumtree, members of the public post things they don’t need and other members try and see if they want those things @HotUKDeals, not only does it have freebies but it also has all kinds of information on discounts and coupons. So far these are the most legitimate accounts.

3. Find a “Tweetmeet” 
A tweetmeet or twitter party are online events hosted by brands where tweeps talk about certain topics for about an hour or more, i've not heard of these before but it's like a day of giveaways, I noticed a few weeks back for Blue Monday alot of brands did giveaways via twitter. They are getting really popular with marketers and usually involve a lot of giveaways and freebies. There is almost one going on at every hour of the day and different clients like Tweet deck can be used to separate tweets into separate columns. To be in the know about these parties you can use apps like Twitter Party Guide. These tips are guaranteed to save you money and get you the freebies we all crave

I hope these tips help and you win some goodies on twitter, let me know if you win anything. 

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