Quit Smoking Now for Better Looking Skin

The British Skin Foundation suggests that improving one’s skin by stopping smoking should be one major incentive to finally quit. While smoking damages the heart and the lungs, it also has visible effects on the skin. Smoking is a major cause of premature aging and some skin disorders which develop as a person continues to smoke in life.

Stop smoking now and you can enjoy healthier skin. Smoking affects the skin in a number of ways, and women are more susceptible to this than men. For them, it shows up as fine lines around the eyes and the mouth at an age that is younger than normal in non-smoking individuals.

Smokers also exhibit a much slower healing process. Studies have shown they take longer to heal from surgery and they experience a higher rate of infections. Smokers also have decreased wound strength, failures with skin grafts, tissue death and blot clot formations. Smokers also have a greater risk of getting squamous cell carcinoma or SCC, a form of skin cancer.

People who smoke just a few cigarettes a day will face this risk because tobacco has the ability to suppress one’s immune system. This allows cancer cells to evade recognition. Squamous cell carcinoma can be treated if it is found early but it can metastasize to other body parts and become a serious, life-threatening disease.

Smokers also have the risk of getting a skin disorder called psoriasis a condition that causes dry, itchy scaly patches on the skin. Nicotine is believed to have an impact on the immune system and is thought to trigger psoriasis in those who have the tendency for this condition.

Other diseases and conditions found more frequently in smokers than in non-smokers include lupus and hidradenitis suppurativa. Smokers tend to respond less effectively to treatments than the non-smokers do. If that is not enough, smoking can increase the chances of an individual developing genital warts which is thought to also be due to the immunosuppression caused by nicotine.

Quit smoking this New Year and you will feel the health benefits not just within your heart and lungs but also in your skin. Can you quit with the help of e-cigarettes? Quitting using e-cigarettes is easy, as it offers you the ability to wean yourself from the nicotine which has caused your addiction in the first place.

Quitting With E Cigarettes
There has been many articles I have read recently that does advise that electronic cigarettes are now the best way to quit smoking, that is because you are only taking in the nicotine and not the tar. So a good tip would be if you cant quit then do try quitting with e cigarettes.

Both my Mom and my Nan have quit smoking with the help of E Cigarettes. My Nan has smoked forever and would smoke 20+ Cigarettes a day but after having a health scare last year she quit and finds is easy because she has an E Cigarette. I'm so proud of her for quitting and she seems much better and happier.

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