I know I know Christmas is over but I wanted to share this Animal subscription box with you and this just happened to be the Festive December box. 

Each box contains 6 quality products fitted to your dogs profile. 
You pick what size your dog is and they deliver treats to your door.

Each box has a selection of treats, toys and dental products.

 You pay £19.90 a month and get a whole box full of goodies!

In Bens Box we got :
2 Christmas toys, 1 soft santa with squeak and rubber penguin with squeak
Some Iams Beef and Apple Snacks which are low fat and gluten free and contain essential vitamins
Some Plouf universal shampoo 
Premio Trixie Rice Chicken Balls 
And some Poo Bags which are festive colours 

Which I think is a great selection of products for under £20 you would pay £10+ for just the two toys alone. The shampoo is about £6 a bottle so you can see you are getting a good price.

The toys are the perfect size for ben, he's a small westie but is really strong, they have a tiny dog option so if your dog is weak i'd say to go for this option as the rubber penguin may be too heavy for 
a little or weak dog. The santa one was light, they both have squeaks which Ben loves! 

He really liked the Iams treats, he likes little treats like this that are easy to chew. The Chicken and Rice balls seemed abit hard and Ben wasn't sure but he ate them which is good.

The Shampoo has grape extract so smells good which cleanses well and leaves the coat feeling soft.

The poo bags are a handy little addition too, they are one of those things you can forget to buy and run out of so it's handy to get them in the box. 

You can order a Pawsome subscription for your own pet or you can order them as a gift for a friend with a new pet or maybe its a big birthday for your doggie friend. 

I really like the subscription box and would really reccomend it to friends and family who have pets.

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