I thought i'd share a few tips on how I keep fit on a budget, since having our own flat I had to cancel my gym membership. I wanted to keep fit but had to do it on a budget so here's a few tips and tracks on keeping fit and working out but without breaking the bank.

1. Walk! This is the easiest and cheapest form of exercise. Whether you walk the dog or walk to work. Maybe you get the bus to work, get off a few stops before and walk the rest of the way.

2. You don't have to spend loads on your workout gear. New Look have a huge selection of sportswear. They have some really gorgeous bits and it's so affordable. I have featured some of my favourite picks from the range in the photos in this post. The Dark Grey Space Dye Print leggings are really comfy and look great on. They have breathable technology which resists water. The vest is black with a white marble print. The Vest is really lightweight and so comfy. It has a mesh / breathable racerback. I wore this at the gym today and it was really comfortable and looked great.
I'm so happy with this grey cowl neck sports jumper, it's really comfy and it kept me really warm whilst I was out at the park today and was great when I walked home from the gym. It would be great if you was going to go for a jog outside and didn't want a big coat, they have a great selection of jumpers and sweatshirts to check out.  It's been really cold recently so I picked out this long sleeve workout top as I don't have anything with long sleeves. I only have vests, this is a simple top. It's quite fitted and looks lovely. I like that it has thumb holes too. The material is a good quality. The pattern/ colour is really versatile and easy to wear.

3. Watch some workout videos on youtube or get some fitness DVDS and do some workouts at home

4. Do some housework, run up and down the stairs you don't have to have a gym membership to keep fit.

5. Use fitness apps ! Use Map my run to track your runs/ jogs, they also have a map my walk app to track your walks, I use this for power walks. Seven is a good app too it works on the stomach and abbs and is really quick and easy.

6. You can get free day passes to some gyms so you can use the facilities for the day. This is a great way to use a gym without spending loads on a membership.

7. Go outdoors! I like to go to the park and do some jogging or sprinting. Take a yoga mat with you and enjoy working out at the park. A change of scenery makes working out easier.

I hope you like my tips, i've actually rejoined the gym this week so I want to include more fitness/ healthy lifestyle blog posts on my blog.

Jacket: H&M // Trainers: Nike // Leggings : New Look* // Vest: New Look * // Long Sleeved Top: New Look * // Cowl Neck Jacket : New Look * // Sports Bra : Panache // Water Bottle: Cath Kidston 

* this post contains pr samples.
The clothing was gifted by New Look but I haven't been paid for the post 

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