You may think i'm crazy for braving the shops on Boxing Day but as I work in retail and along with Christmas Day it's the only day I get off work to go sale shopping so this year we got up and went into Birmingham to so a spot of shopping. Clint got himself some bargains but I didn't do very well, I picked up a couple of tops in New Look. We went into Lush but they had nothing left and the queue was out the door. So we drove to Solihull which is where we live to have a little mooch around the shops there. The Lush in Solihull was Closed as they shut early so I was gutted! I had been trying to get online for the Sale all day but I was in a super long queue, I managed to get on and get a few bits which I was very happy about and then I popped into Solihull before work on the 27th and got a couple of other bits. 

 My favourite Christmas bath bomb is Golden Wonder which is the big Gold Present, inside theres lots of amazing colours and its really cool. I also love Northern Lights which is another favourite as the colours are so so pretty. Another Fave is Luxury Lush Pud again because the colours are so pretty and it smells amazing.I like Butterbear as a nice relaxing bath time treat so stocked up on those. 

Father Christmas is a subtle snow fairy kind of scent so I thought i'd get a few of them too!

I wish i've have got another few Shoot for the Stars as the stars have cocoa butter inside so leave your very soft and glittery. 

Never Mind the Ballistics is a newbie and again I wish i'd have picked up some in the sale. Clint bought me this one. I haven't tried this yet though so i'm excited to give it ago. 

I also got a Snow Fairy Shower Gel as it was a bargain. I got So white for Christmas off Clint as he got me a couple of bath bombs YAY!

You can check out my Christmas Lush Haul 2016 which is the goodies I picked up before Christmas, these have all gone now which is why I got some Sale goodies. 


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