I thought i'd share a few mens fashion tips today. I think mens fashion can be quite hard as not all men want to wear things that on our trend and personal style can influence what a man wears. I've been with Clint for over 3 years now and would say i'm confident that I can buy him clothes that he would like however I still struggle with sizes as he's inbetween sizes sometimes. I thought i'd share a few tips on mens fashion and share a few key essentials that every man should have in his closet.

A good selection of T-shirts is a must, Clint has too many T-shirts for one person but he has a great selection of going out and evening tops and alot of more casual everyday tops. He's really into his NFL right now and I got him lots of Tshirts for Christmas. You can wear a tshirt like this with some jeans and a hoodie for a casual day time outfit.

Every man should have a suit in his closet it doesn't matter if you don't work in an office and wear a suit everyday. It's good to have one handy for an occasion. You never know when you might need one for a wedding, funeral or graduation. It's a must have. you can always buy new shirts or ties and accessories to switch it up abit. I think having a smart, plain black or grey suit that fits well is a staple piece. The Label Suits have a huge selection of different colours and styles to choose from and you can by a full suit or they sell them separately too.

Some comfy but smart/shoes are a great addition. You need your more formal shoes to go with your suit for weddings etc but something like these Timberlands are great and can smarten up an outfit for daytime but can also make an outfit a little bit casual. I would wear these with a smart jumper like this plain Navy jumper, some dark blue skinny jeans and these shoes for an evening at the pub or in a bar for drinks with friends. You can easily wear them for everyday just for shopping or going to the cinema too.

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