Here's a few easy and affordable ways that you can revamp your kitchen. 

- Accessories can always brighten up a room or add abit of colour. 
This is a really affordable way to brighten up a room and if your renting and can't really do much to your kitchen this can add a personal touch.

-Buy new doors for your cupboards. If you can't afford to replace your whole kitchen you can buy new doors for the cupboards and this can refresh your whole kitchen.

- You can give your kitchen a fresh and clean look by using plastic acrylic sheets which you can use to give your kitchen a more contemporary look, Simply Plastics  have lots of colours and you can get them cut to whatever size you need. They also have a selection of Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks again in a range of colours. 

-A lick of paint is a great way to brighten up any room, your kitchen gets grubby from steam and cooking oil etc so just giving it a fresh coat of paint will clean up those walls. We have a feature wall as you can see below, I think this gives a very white contemporary kitchen a bit of character. 

Switch out old for new, replace you old manky chairs for some new ones and give the dinner table a new look. Replace your old tap for a new one or even just replacing your grubby door handles for new ones can make such a difference. 

 Will you be giving your kitchen a revamp, I hope you found my tips helpful! 

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