Here's one of the latest releases from The Body Shop, I thought i'd show you guys these new releases as they are very Valentines themed. Theres a huge variety of products in the range including a massage oil, perfect for Valentines. This really lovely lip and cheek stick and body scrub.

I've only used the products once or twice so i'm not going to review them fully just yet but I really wanted to share this range with you before Valentines day.

First of all as you can see from my photo the lip and cheek stick* looks abit strange because the product looks black however when you apply it to your lips its a nice natural looking shade, its soft and really easy to apply and the finish is a really nice matte finish.

The Smoky Poppy poppy seed scrub* is sooo lovely. Its really soft and gentle, the poppy seeds gently exfoliate the skin. It smells amazing,and leaves the skin feeling soft and clean.

Finally the massage oil* seems runny but its quite a dry oil which I prefer, it smells really nice. It's slightly more subtle than the scrub making it perfect for special occasions and for every day. It dries into the skin really quickly and easily. It's a lovely product and suitable for all skin types.

So far i'm really impressed with the range, the smells are really natural and smell amazing. I'm so happy with the products, as I mentioned i've only used them a few times so i'll feature these again for a more in depth review.

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Zoe Archer said...

I bought the EDT from this range and it smells gorgeous. I really like it. Im on a no buy at the moment otherwise I would have tried the other pieces to the range as well.