The lovely people at Roberts Bakery and nutritionist Dr Carina Norris have put together this special romantic valentines sandwich using Roberts Soft & Fluffy White bread.

What you will need 

Roberts Soft and Fluffy White Bread*
Cottage Cheese or soft cheese
Black Pepper

First of all lay the rocket on the bottom slice of bread, then drain the cottage cheese and layer on the cottage cheese and place the strawberries on top. Then season with the black pepper and pop on your top piece of bread. I've used a cookie cutter to make them into hearts to make them more Valentines themed. 

I think this is a really simple quick idea for Valentines Day, perfect if you only have a short time to spend with your partner. Or they have to work, why not make them a packed lunch? 

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Joanna. said...

I've only had strawberries in a sandwich once before, at my Grandma's funeral. They were chicken and strawberry and absolutely delish! I've never recreated them, but I should! Thank you for reminding me :)