I asked the #bbloggers what concealer should I try and so many people recommended the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer so I went and picked it up straight away.

I was going to pick up my usual collection lasting perfection concealer however no where had it in stock so then I was looking for an alternative drug store option. I didn't really want to spend that much but when so many people mentioned this one, I thought it must be worth the money. It was £22 which is alot more than i'd usually pay but it was a little treat.

I've been using it for a few weeks now and i'm so happy I got it. It's just so effortless and so easy to use. I've been applying my make up as usual and applying the concealer to my undereye and a few blemishes. I apply it using the wand and then using my buffing brush to blend it into my foundation.
It's so creamy and flawless, it really brightens the eye area. The coverage is really good and buildable.

I love it! i'm going to be repurchasing this! I'm hoping I can pick it up in Florida as it might be abit cheaper. I can see this being a new staple in my make up bag! It's so perfect, just what I want from a concealer.


Zoe Archer said...

I love this concealer, and have been using it every day for weeks and weeks. It may be more expensive than your average drugstore concealer, but just for the lasting quality of this concealer, I would definitely say it is well worth the money.

India-Robyn said...

I'm yet to try this - but it's next on my list :)

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Lily PSB said...

I am yet to try this concealer out, but I cannot wait to try this out soon x