One of my favourite things about the weather being cold is Boots, I would live in boots if I could. My favourite boots right now are my Chelsea boots, they have a thick chunky heel and are black. I wear them all the time. They are so comfy and versatile.  There's so many ways you can style your chelsea boots, for example in this outfit post i've gone for a black pleated skirt, this is my absolute favourite skirt, I wear it all the time. It was from River Island years and years ago. Today i'm wearing it with a basic striped top from Topshop. I've chose to pop on this huge chunky cardigan from H&M because its absolutely freezing. As I said I wear these boots with all kinds of outfits. They look so good with skirts and dresses.  I also wear them with my skinny jeans, I love how they look with my ripped knee skinny jeans from Zara, there's a photo below. There's so many different ways to wear your Chelsea Boots! If you don't have any Chelsea boots there's so many options to choose from, I love the look of the Vagabond Chelsea boots which you can get from Mastershoe Myshu, they have so many styles to choose from. I love these suede/ fluffy looking ones, these have a nice little heel as well so if your not great with heels there's still loads of choice. 

Boots:  Vagabond available here at Mastershoe Myshu

*in collaboration with Mastershoe Myshu

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