I thought i'd feature this gorgeous bracelet on the blog today, this review is probably a few days late. I really wanted to review this before Valentines day as it's such a perfect gift idea however it would make a perfect Mothers Day present, or anniversary gift etc. 

Tales From The Earth  have some really lovely products, from jewellery to keepsakes. They are small items that hold big meanings. All of their products are thoughtful and have some kind of message behinds them. 

I love how dainty and cute this bracelet is, it's quite fragile and delicate which I love. The heart charm is cute and would be perfect for any occasion. The bracelet can be fastened on any link so its suitable for everyone. 

Its a really shiny silver, it looks so special when its on your wrist, its such a perfect piece suitable for everyday or just on occasions. 

This item retails at £50* which for such a special and unique piece is a bargain, the silver is so shiny and it looks and feels like a high quality piece. 

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