It's February ! Soo many people book their holidays around this time of year, we normally book our holiday about now but because we're going to Florida this year we booked back in November. It's hard to decide where to go on holiday because there's so many places to go! Normally when were looking at places to go I want to go somewhere hot, I go on holiday to relax and get a tan. This year we've gone for the opposite, Florida is going to be 2 weeks of non stop theme parks and shopping, but it's an experience. For a normal 2 weeks in the sun I don't really mind how long the flight is because I like flying, I want somewhere I can relax and get a nice tan, I go on holiday with my boyfriend and we like to have a shop and a little party so need to be in a good location!

Holiday Gems have made this really handy quiz to help you decide where to go on your holiday. There's a few simple questions to answer such as who you go on holiday with and what you like to do on holiday, once you've answered the questions it gives you a destination based on your answers and tells you why they have picked this destination. They also give you some alternative destinations aswell so if you've already been somewhere you have other options.

I thought it would be funny to put in my dates as March, which is when i'm going to Florida, warm weather, going on holiday with family and older kids and want to go on holiday to shop and for the pool and my answer was Orlando! Crazy!! haha.

You don't have to book whatever destination comes out, it's just a bit of fun and you never know somewhere you never would have thought of might come out. I had another go and picked a summer date, hot weather to chill out with Clint and Morrocco came out! I've looked at Morrocco before and I think it would be a great holiday destination for us.

If you want to have a go of the quiz you can do so here at

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