REVIEW: Natural Collection powder blush

Natural Collection Powder Blush £1.99 - Boots in pink cloud 

I picked this up the other day because I was buying a couple of things from boots and the make up was still on 3 for 2. I've heard  rave about this product a few times so I picked it up. 

I got Pink Cloud because its more my shade but they have 3 or 4 shades to choose from. The actual packaging is a bit basic but what do you expect for £1.99. Pink cloud is a bright pink shade and definitely what I go for when I buy blusher. I use Mac's Pink Swoon and this is not far off - they are very similar shades! (not close enough to be a dupe) and I have to say the product is that good that I might not be buying any other blushers for a while. 

Now to the product! Its amazing. I expected it to be a bit crap for £1.99 and couldn't believe how pigmented it actually is. Its easy to apply and looks great! I think the quality is great and will be buying one of each shade. The blush has been lasting all day easy! I went to the gym yesterday and was still checking out my blush when I got home. Its great! 

I was really impressed with this and if your looking for a good quality blush but don't want to spend a lot of money then i'd recommend you try this out or even if your like me and just like to add to your collection these are defiantly worth buying.  

I can't fault the product, seriously £1.99 wouldn't buy you your lunch! This is a fab product and a fab price and you even get your boots points. 

Next i'm getting peach melba which is the shade that Lily uses, it's such a lovely peach colour. 

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