NARS Blush : Angelika

I've had my eyes on this for a while but decided I have far too many blushers so i've just never bought it but the other day I went into space NK and I wanted to buy something so bad and I ended up leaving with this !

I love it. I think the colour is gorgeous and it's a me blush ! Its pink and glittery !  The rest of my blushers even though they are all very similar in colour the rest are not glittery. This leaves a really nice shimmer/ glitter on your cheeks that glisten in the sun :) It's not too much though.

The pigmentation is your usual NARS pigmentation which I think is very good and the packaging is so simplistic and lovely and matte yay! I do love abit of matte black packaging.

For £21.50 it does leave a little dent in your bank balance but a benefit blush is like £24.50 !

The colour is quite natural if you apply it gently and you can build it up for more colour so its good for day or night. I love a lot of colour on my cheeks so this is perfect.

I've actually been applying NARS Gina which is a more orange tone blush to define my cheeks and then applying this across my cheek bone to define them abit more. So far i'm really loving this blush and so happy I got it :)

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