30 Ways To Save £1

Money Supermarket are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the £1 coin by giving bloggers the chance to make £30! All you have to do is put together a post with 30 money saving tips and you get £30 from MoneySupermarket.com for more details click here. 

I've tried to make my tips not just fashion and beauty related and i've included everyday tips as well...

1. Invest in a money jar like mine ! Any loose change from your purse or money thats just lying around pop in a money jar and when it's full take it to the bank or to one of those coin star machines.

2. Download voucher apps to your phone like www.vouchercloud.com and O2 moments for money off shopping, eating out and days out!

3. Use comparative websites like Moneysupermarket.com to make sure your getting the best deals on insurance and your shopping.

4. EBAY! Buying things on ebay like clothes will save you money!

5. Take advantage of student discounts. If your not a student then get a friend who is a student to go shopping with you!

6. Sometimes buying more can save you money so if somethings on a really good offer then stock up.

7.Make a shopping list - Stick to your shopping list and you should only buy what you need.

8. Carboots - With the weather warming up get down to a carboot. They are a great way to make and save money.

9. Walk! Try walking to the train station or to the shop instead of jumping on the bus. Walking is free!

10. You don't need to buy all of your Uni books. Head down to the library and loan them.

11. 2 for 1 Cinema Tickets - don't pay full price. If your not on orange ask a friend if you can borrow their orange wednesday. Text film to 241 to receive your code.

12. Britain has the cleanest tap water in the world so don't bother with bottled water.

13. Charity Shops ! I got a lovely Topshop jumper in my local charity shop for £3 the other day

14. Advantage cards like boots cards and Debenhams beauty card come in handy when your buying your make up and skincare. Make sure you use them and collect points to get free money!

15. Groupon and Wowcher! Are great ways to save money when eating out, getting your hair done and even weekends away!

16. Look for online discounts on Moneysupermarket.com

17. Try samples of a product before you go and buy the full size. You might hate it and won't have forked out trying it first.

18. Trade in your old phone to websites like envirophone.con

19. Buyapowa.com is a great way to save money - They sell products a reduced prices depending on how many people join the co-buy.

20. On Ebay try not to bid until the last hour! This way you won't get into a bidding war meaning the price won't go up.

21. Compare your travel - Returns can work out cheaper than two singles. In birmingham you can get an anytime return which means you can return any time within 30 days.

22. Free delivery - Don't pay £3 or £4 for delivery. Sign up to newsletters to hear about free delivery promotions and websites like asos.com offer free delivery any way.

23. Try cheaper brands when buying food or getting toothpaste and bubble bath! The store brands can be just as good.

24. Check out deals on coaches before you go buying train tickets you could save yourself alot of money. My Boyfriend went to edinburgh on a coach and saved over £100 going on the coach instead of the train.

25. Put your summer or winter clothes away when the weather changes and then when you get them back out again its like having a new wardrobe.

26. Read reviews before spending money on products you could find cheaper alternatives or even find out that its not very good.

27. sign up to newsletters for restaurants to get their latest deals and offers.

28. Bring a flask to work or university. Don't spend money in Starbucks or Costa. You could buy a box of 80 teabags for the price of one tea at costa or a whole jar of nescafe for the price of a coffee.

29. DIY - DO your own hair. You can dye it at home yourself. Home colour kits are so simple and you will save £100's

30! Enter competitions- Online competitions and twitter giveaways are a great way to get free stuff !

I hope you liked my tips ! Go and pop up a post of your tips to get your hands on £30 !

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