A really late Sunday Update

My screenprints 

I've been super busy recently with uni and the blog and its been difficult to balance everything but i'd nearly done it! My deadline for my practical work was last monday so I handed in these screen prints and some sketchbooks with loads of experiments. I now have to put together a presentation and thats due the 15th May so not long left and thats it then for my second year at University! 

001. You may have noticed I had loads of blog posts up last week ! I really want to stay on top of my blog so keep an eye out daily for new posts. I normally schedule them for 9:00am so they are new in the morning

002. I'm off to London on wednesday because I really want to visit the Kurt Schwitters exhibition at the Tate before it finishes and I will be popping to and other stories... and to get some Bioderma and also the film museum. we're not sure where to eat so send some suggestions. 

003. Me and Daniel are planning on going to turkey for our summer holiday so I need to go on a spending ban :( We are also going to devon at the end of may and he's taking me away for my 21st in September - it's going to be an expensive year! 

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