OOTD : Sutton Vintage fair

 Coat: Debenhams // Boots: Dorothy Perkins // Scarf : Market // Dress: Primark // Bag : Topshop

Last Sunday I went to Sutton to go to the Vintage Fair ! Its in sutton every couple of months so if you live in Birmingham or not to far away go to Sutton Vintage fair ! They have a website and facebook so you can check when the next one is. I really like the Vintage fair because if you have an eye for a bargain you will find something here that tickles your fancy! I only bought a necklace because I didn't really want to spend any money but there was defiantly things I would have bought ! The actual Vintage is so busy and crowded that it was really difficult for me to take any photos inside because I was too small and just surrounded by loads of people but its like the Birmingham Vintage fair that I posted about a couple of weeks ago but about 5x bigger !

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appletoothpaste said...

aww i'm from sutton and it's not what i expected to read on blogger today! that hill in the photo kills me every time i'm back home...unfit! i never knew there even was a vintage fair, i will definitely have to check it out! x