Nails and Networking 28/02/2013

 me: shirt - Primark // Skirt - River Island // Necklace - Topshop // Watch - River Island 

I went to Nails and Networking on Thursday, it was my first nails and I had a really good time. I met up with Emma, Elizabeth and Emily at Harvey Nichols for a Coffee as it was my first time I didn't want to go in alone. It was the first time i'd ever met any of these ladies but we all hit it off straight away were all chatting away so easily. Then we headed off to Bar Epernay for the event. Nails and Networking is an event for ladies to chat and network and just to have a night out. I'm really glad I went because I met some great bloggers and some ladies from the facebook groups I'm in and its really nice to meet everyone. We all got on really well and had some complementary drinks, canapés and some fabulous cupcakes made by Michelle

I'd really like to thank Emma for letting me know the details for the event, thanks to sunny for telling me about the event and thanks to everyone else for letting me come and just being so nice and friendly :) 

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char said...

That sounds like a great networking idea.

Vicki said...

Sounds like a lovely evening. Its always nice to meet other bloggers.