Selfridges Lancome Blogger event

I was so excited when Gemma  invited me along to the Lancome event in Selfridges. It was lovely to see some of the birmingham bloggers and have a catch up :) The evening was really good and i'd like to thank Gemma for organising and inviting me but also Lydia who works at the Lancome counter and organised and put on the event. The Lancome event is going to take place monthly and each month will  be a different theme and the first one was Skincare - which was really exciting because i've recently turned into a little skincare freak ;) and been buying loads of skincare.

Lydia asked for a volunteer to give a Lancome facial to, Gemma volunteered and I must say I wish I had mine done now because we were all very jealous with how fabulous Gemma looked :)

Lydia used a range of products such as Genifique and Hydra-zen. These products were amazing, Lancome is such a Luxury brand and they defiantly put a lot of thought and research into the products and the packaging. I really want to try the primer and the mascaras so roll on student loan ;)

This event really changed my opinion of Lancome because I always thought it was an old lady brand but it really isn't. They do products for all skin types and absolutely loads for oily/ combination skin like mine and I really can't wait to get my hands on some of their products.

I was very impressed with the Teint-Visionnaire foundation. I've seen this advertised and love the look of it. The packaging is lovely and very expensive looking and it comes with the corrector / treatment in the lid which makes it very efficient and handy to have in your bag. I think the foundation looked amazing on Gemma and gave her such a more natural look. I don't really get on with liquid foundations but this seemed to apply so easily.

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Anonymous said...

Hi amy this looks amazing!!
Im looking for more local bloggers to get to know and maybe attend meet up's etc with.
If you know any more local bloggers events, let me know be cool to get to know you all.

Thanks Talia