China Doll Blogger Competition

Dress - China Doll £32 Link here 
Boots - Topshop Link here
Necklace - Topshop Link Here
Bag - Topshop Link here 

outfit total = £147

I love this dress - I think galaxy print is lovely and the shift style of this dress makes it look so chic and thats why i've chosen some nice black accessories to make the dress look casual but something you could wear from the office to the bar ;)
I love this bag and think it looks big enough to fit everything it and I just love boots and really can't believe that soon we won't be wearing our boots anymore but you could wear these year after year after year and I think the necklace just ties everything together !

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Vicki said...

Love that dress - infact I love the whole outfit. I would wear that day or night!