Bits And Bows

I was spoilt by the Lovely Sarah when I visited Bits and Bows and gave me some lovely bits to feature on blog.

The Marsh mellow ring and the friendship bracelet were in a goody bag that I got from sarah and I was really excited because everyone loves a goody bag!  I think the ring is so cute a unique item! My sister absolutely loves it and will probably end up pinching it off me! I think its just so realistic and its fab
The Friendship bracelet is really nice and obviously alot of hard work has gone into making it! I think the dreamcatcher is lovely and I really like this bracelet - I have a few bracelets like this that I like to wear together to create a boho/ festival chic look :)

The Moustache Ring is something I picked out myself because its amazing ! i love these style rings but i've never been brave enough to buy on. Its a two ring finger and I really couldn't believe how comfortable it was!  I expected it to be really annoying but it wasn't and its also adjustable like nearly all the rings in Sarah's shop.

The pink spike necklace is lovely - recently i've started wearing more pink so this is fab to just pop on with a grey top or black top to add a pop of colour. It's so versatile and easy to wear and just looks lovely. I really love spikes so i'm so happy with this.

And finally my bow! I bought this myself and i'm so impressed for £6 I got myself this amazing, great quality bow! I love it and think it makes me look cute. I think it looks fab in my curly hair : )
You can buy one here 

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char said...

Aww, the glitter bow is so cute!