Sunday Update - Happy Easter


001: First of all i'd like to apologise for the lack of posts this week. I've got loads on at the moment with uni, work experience, work and a social life so balancing the blog aswell has proved difficult. 

002: I'm hoping to schedule some posts for the week because over the easter holiday i'm going to be super busy catching up with uni work and will be at uni alot! I hope everyone is still enjoying reading my blog posts and let me know if you want to do any guest posts etc because i'd love some help whilst i'm busy. 

003. I got loads of easter eggs and chocolate (for a 20 year old) I gave up chocolate for lent so it was lovely to eat some chocolate even though I think i've gone off the taste abit

004. I've found the holiday I want to book and need some saving tips because I know as soon as my student loan arrives that the spending will begin! help please. 

Amy x 


Rachel said...

Happy Easter! xo

loeswhite said...

So jealous, I didn't get any Easter eggs!

And for saving tips, I did two things. 1. When you get your loan, immediately transfer some of it away (to parents or something) so that you won't be tempted to spend it, and 2. Get a jar/box for all spare change, I managed to save about £30 this way. Every little helps!

Loes x

Unknown said...

Lovely easter eggs! I have eaten too much chocolate feel sick.
Hope you had a good easter.