My Benefit Makeover

Make up and photo by Bailey from

The other day I had my make up done by the lovely Bailey who works for Benefit ! This is the 2nd time i've met her. This time I had my make up done and I think it looks really good ! I haven't got liquid eye liner on which is why I look a little bit funny but I think I look so dewy and fresh faced. 

Bailey used loads of benefit products including the brand new neutrals palettes and the new concealer 'Fake Up' 

Bailey used loads of products to create this look! I think she made my cheeks look amazing by using bronzer and blush to create contouring which I can't wait to try out myself! 

look at my brows!! I think they look amazing - benefit brows are the best ! 


Bryn said...

You look lovely :) Which of the new neutral palettes did she end up using on you? xx

amypyt said...

The lilac one :) xxx